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I didn't see this coming (especially given how most Academy voters don't watch animated films and just vote Disney).

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"It’s an ensemble book, but a few characters will be at the forefront. Miles Morales, Spider-Gwen and, of course, Otto Octavius come to mind. I love writing Otto Octavius." -- Christos Gage

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"Last night I did the lettering proof on my last issue of Spider-Man, for which I decided to junk what I was going to do for my finale. I did a story about Miles having an infection and waking up in a hospital and finding out that his friends are much better friends than he thought that they were, and kind of having moments with each member of his life. I just flat-out did what I tell my students to do every day, which is write it, write your pain, put it in there. I did it right after I was sick." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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