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"Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, pretty much owns the spotlight right now – that wasn’t my doing. I mean, my run begins with Carol as the biggest superhero celebrity on the planet, taking calls from POTUS and suffering through a TV show based on her life. But emotionally, Carol’s just come through a tough period of conflict with her closest friends – Tony Stark, Jessica Drew, Kamala Khan – which has absolutely changed her. Responsibility – and the price of responsibility – has forced her to take a hard look at who she is, both as a person and a hero. So there’s already so much going on, both around her in and her mind, that there’s really no “trick” to writing her, other than to just let Carol be Carol. She’s had fifty years to develop as a character and has really just now hit her stride." - Margaret Stohl

Written by: Margaret Stohl
Art By: Emilio Laiso and Ramon Rosanas

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So here we are with the conclusion of Miles' first title. After this there was the three-issue Cataclysm tie-in and then 'Miles Morales Spider-Man' before leading into 'Secret War' in which Miles moved to 616 (or whatever Marvel wants us to call it.)  This is a good drop-off point as any but if people want me to continue I will.

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