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One page where Squire and Batgirl compare notes and their roles within their respective clans.

Toh-may-toe, toy-mah-tao  )
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Looking through the Knight and Squire tags, I noticed that so far there were no posts from issue 2. Since I thought it was a fun issue, I decided to change that. five pages from Knight and Squire 2 )
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The DCUBlog has two covers and five pages from the forthcoming Knight and Squire series by Paul Cornell and Jimmy Broxton

There's a pub in London where the first Thursday of the month is "Truce Night", where superbeings can gather but NO ONE can fight. Think somewhere between the "Common Grounds" coffee and danish chain, Caritas, the Host's nightclub in "Angel", and "No Heroics" a short lived UK sitcom about a pub where similar rules apply.

So many stereotypes, so many jokes... )


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