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Okay, I almost didn't post this one, but then thought "Why not?"

There would be debate on some circles as to whether Tim Drake and Conner Kent are "just" friends, but... well, friends with benefits are still friends, right?

Friends to the end... and beyond (it IS comics) )
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""But I wrote a couple stories that were pretty much 'out of the box' as far as DC thinking was concerned, and it invigorated Eddie. He liked the fresh approach, and got very enthusiastic about my ideas. So he asked me 'If you were to write Superman, how would you handle it?' and I did some research. I read tons of Superman stuff, and the only work that grabbed me was the original Siegel and Schuster material. Brilliant in its charm and simplicity. I loved it.

"But it also made me hate Lois. She was a horrid bitch! She was outright cruel to Clark and never gave him the time of day until she learned he was Superman. Talk about your original gold-digger! (laughs) Jeez.

"But what charmed me about the original was Superman's sense of humor. He was light, funny, charming, and violated civil rights left and right. He was no boy scout. He carries the bad guy along power lines at one point to scare information out of him! Great stuff. So amazingly fun. As I said before, it was the original in so many ways, and one of those ways was adolescent gratification through power fantasy.
" - Chuck Austen

Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Marc Campos
Colorist: Guy Major

Oh hey! I found an interview with Austen! Hopefully that provides more context for the pain you are experiencing...

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Writer: Chuck Austen
Artist: Ivan Reis
Inker: Marc Campos
Colorist: Guy Major

I'm just going to rapid fire the rest of Austen's run with a post every day instead of dragging out over weeks and months. As such, let's take a look at the next issue...

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Okay, I was going through my pile of Convergence tie-ins (I picked up ALL of them)...

And I started to notice something that bothered the heck out of me...

I think I'm within page limits on this, based on previous posts... Some of these issues have been posted before, but unless I missed something, not the full four pages, or this repeats the content.

No more than one full page of the Convergence tie ins for: Superboy, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Green Lantern/Parallax, or Matrix Supergirl.

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After yesterday's Canonical Romances, today we celebrate the NON-Canonical Romances, those romances which never were, but perhaps should have been.... be they straight, gay, queer or whatever else your heart desires.

The only rule is that the comics can NEVER have acknowledged the romance as having existed... bromances or the equivalent female term (is there one, I have no idea to be honest) are acceptable, but they must imply something more than simple friendship (Which will pose issues with a lot of Claremont's stuff, where it was as close to text as being the subtext as could possibly be)

As for me...

Well, a few possibilities present themselves.. )
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Okay, this is a pet peeve of mine, but I have a low tolerance for the "Street clothes as Superhero Costume" trope. Especially with Superboy. I cannot stand his "t-shirt and jeans" outfit.

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Hi ho, gang! Yes, i'm still alive. I got ill in February and was either in hospital or recovering and not allowed to drive til recently, and so missed the last couple issues of Teen Titans. But! Now I have both the ones I missed and the latest in hand! So I figure i'll do one post on the back issues and a separate post for the new. I have here six pages each from Teen Titans #28 and #29 - sounds like a lot, but there's at least one double-page splash from each ish.

You'll recall that when we left our merry band, the remaining Titans had joined Kid Flash and Solstice in the 31st century, where Bart was apprehended and put on trial. Being in the future enabled Bart to break through his Echo-created "witness protection" personality and become the evil revolutionary Bar Torr again, and submitting to the trial was part of his scheme - with all his world's power brokers gathered to watch him hang, his forces were able to strike at all of them at once, to the Titans' dismay.

We now join the battle already in progress )

Stay tuned, gentle readers! Same Titan time, same Titan channel!
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More fans comics done me and my friend. I have the main focus be on Superboy, as seeing him in Adventures of Superman #500. i didn't got to pick up his book until around after the 50 issue mark, and then they brought back the forgotten Jack Kirby work.... until that was too forgotten and Countdown brought it back and ruined it... so basically, the kids is my pill to the nerd-dom I have been engrossed in... even when I was hyperactive for Pokemon... so basically, I have made a FEW comics of the Kid of Steel, and since most seemed to liked my fan-comic post about Nana Harley... I thought I might share these...

Lets see what my nerd-dom and English Degree does for me here... )


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