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Lex's Supergirl Obsession

Lex (pre-flashpoint) once dated Matrix Supergirl when he was posing as his son in a younger body. Mostly to get at Superman it seems in the long run. When that went sour it seemed he had a passionate hate for any female who decided to wear the S shield. Once Linda had retired as Supergirl and Cir-El was out of the picture, Kara landed on earth and became Supergirl.

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Stolen Life

Oct. 4th, 2016 10:54 pm
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Part 2.

So we left off with Matrix being captured by Dichon to host her plasmic body.

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Stolen Life

Oct. 3rd, 2016 09:41 pm
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Part 1.

A 1995 story featuring Matrix from Showcase '95. Before her merge with Linda Danvers, being an artificial life form, there was a time when she was wanted not only by Luthor but also by an robot alien to have her body shaped for his own due to her abilities and shape shifting.

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In light of her successful TV show, continuing a look at Supergirl's Rogues' Gallery, such as it is.

When Supergirl got her own comic, with Paul Kupperberg and Carmine Infantino as creators, Linda had moved to Chicago to go to her third college, Lake Shore University. (Some people keep on returning to higher education: Linda Danvers was one of those.) Kupperberg and Infantino tried to give her some memorable villains. Psi appeared in the first three issues of the DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL. One could consider it three separate appearances or one three-part story--I am inclined to the latter...but she oddly continued in some other DC comics, and made enough of a presence at DC as a whole to deserve an entry.

She died, but has resurfaced in the new 52. Of course, you could say the same for Supergirl.

Psi had the potential to be a GREAT Supergirl villain. In many ways she was as powerful as Jean Grey as Pheonix. She had a vast array of powers that did not duplicate Supergirl's...but she came across as more of a confused victim, rather than a formidable foe.

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Anyone read Convergence Supergirl Matrix? Those of us here who read Matrix's adventures back in the early 90s and the transition into PAD's title/merging with Linda Danvers know that she was the first Supergirl to appear on New Earth after the Crisis reboot and was NEVER named Kara. The whole story kind of seemed like a shit show, from Lex verbally abusing Mae, to the assumption that Mae knew about him being the first Lex Luthor and wanting to kill Superman to of course the name mistake of him calling her Kara.

the first comic gives the feel of "I don't give a shit and never bothered to read anything on Matrix". I really hope when DC puts all the Convergence issues into one volume, some of this is fixed, ESP the name mistake tho at this point I don't even know if anyone has noticed it at DC. I'm hoping the second issue has no name mistakes.

I'm almost tempted to make all the bubbles blank in the issue and re-write it. BTW there should be a "char: supergirl/matrix" tag for this forum as she technically is a different character before becoming Linda in the PAD series.
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Okay, I was going through my pile of Convergence tie-ins (I picked up ALL of them)...

And I started to notice something that bothered the heck out of me...

I think I'm within page limits on this, based on previous posts... Some of these issues have been posted before, but unless I missed something, not the full four pages, or this repeats the content.

No more than one full page of the Convergence tie ins for: Superboy, Man of Steel, Suicide Squad, Green Lantern/Parallax, or Matrix Supergirl.

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I'm starting college again Monday, so will likely have less time to spend on Scans Daily. Therefore, now is the time to make an extra-large post.Given my own proclivities, I'm sure you're not surprised it's a Superman comic. To be precise, Action Comics #500.

We'll have a glorious 21 pages of a 64 page story, a time capsule of what Superman was like in 1979.

The Life Story of Superman )

Your thoughts and comments?
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What with many of us getting misty-eyed over the loss of the Superman-Lois Lane marriage, I thought I'd present a story that many of you (especially the young'uns) might never have seen.

Back in the day, Superman was so popular that not only did he have two titles (three if you count Superboy) but his girlfriend Lois Lane and pal Jimmy Olsen had their own spotlight series as well. Eventually, however, sales on these ancillary titles dropped enough that DC decided to merge them along with some other characters into one big book entitled "Superman Family."

It kept the numbering of "Jimmy Olsen" , and eventually reached #200. As a celebration of this milestone, the magazine had an extra-long imaginary story, depicting the future marriage anniversary of Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

I've tried to stick as closely as possible to the 1/3rd rule, so extreme choppiness ahead.

In the far-distant future of 2000 AD, forty-year old women wear hot pants unironically. )

Next time, more public domain!

Your thoughts and comments?
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It's time for another Re-Week post (looking forward to seeing everyone else's!)

This time we look at Re-ign of the Supermen and the re-turn of...well, you'll see.

7 & 1/3 pages of 22.

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Your thoughts and comments?
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There have been a few references here and there about how "The Brave and the Bold" sounds like the name of a soap opera. And it seems it *was* a soap opera in the DCU, according to ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #497. Story by Jerry Ordway, art by Tom Grummett. Also, some bruiser named Doomsday is causing trouble.

This is back when Lois had dark red hair and Cat wasn't a hateful anti-Kryptonian bitch.

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As it's a long weekend in the UK (well, chunks of it) and the US, I thought I'd repost an "activity post" from S_D 1.0

The results last time were... memorable to say the least, and I'm hoping for more here! :)

From the brighter, happier days of 1984 comes....


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