Oct. 18th, 2009 04:35 pm
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One of my favourite recurring characters from JSA is Icicle (Cameron Mahkent), son of the original Icicle and member of the Injustice society. Whether Icicle is a redeemable villain (Sand seems to think so) or not is debatable, but he is definitely a character with a strong sense of loyalty, who loves teamwork. He's one of those villains who are in it for the money and the fun, and not out of craziness, and he'd probably feel right at home in Ocean's Eleven.

One problem, though, is that I'm not quite sure in what order to put his appearances. Can you help me?

Scans from Stealing Thunder, JSA Allstars and Honor Among Thieves )

I'm looking forward to seeing Icicle and Tigress in the upcoming JSA All-Stars.


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