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Sometimes superhero comics have the heroes argue over fighting alien invasion vs. fighting more "day to day" villainy.

I'm not sure how often Mark Richards is called Ink. It is usually either "the Tattooed Man" or "Tattoo."
Trigger warning for some sexist words getting thrown at Vixen.

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Happy Christmas to all who celebrate!

Today is a special day. Not just because many people are out with their friends and family celebrating a major holiday, but because today is the one day where we make an exception to our 'we are a comic scans' community rule and actually post other media.

Oh yes. Today is favourite 'other media' day!

And you know which media did it best?

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The conclusion of the storyline that ended the first volume of Justice League of America, before it was rebooted as the hilarious Giffen/DeMatteis Justice League International.

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I thought this would be fun post to do and another opportunity for everyone to participate.

So last week my best friend and I were at a local comic book store and I spotted Adam Hughes's poster The Real Power Of The DC Universe:

This has always been one of my pieces because it showcases and celebrates arguably the most dominant female characters (and some of the most dominant characters period), and not to mention some of my all-time favorite characters in comics. What I always find interesting about that picture is that some of the characters showcased, I wouldn't have initially thought of as a major player in the DC Universe but when I pondered further, I realized that an argument could be made on the impact they've made on comics and even comic-related media (movies, cartoons, etc.).

This of course got me thinking about Marvel. If I had to choose 11 heroines, anti-heroines who have made the biggest splash and are the premiere power of the 616, who would they be?

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McDuffie having gotten booted off JLA for telling it like it is, DC passed the baton to Robinson, but he was still too busy with CRY THAT THE WRITING'S SO BAD FOR JUSTICE to jump on right away, I guess, because they've got Len Wein doing a filler arc about the Royal Flush Gang.

Which I'm actually rather liking, for reasons which are probably fairly obvious under the cut.


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