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"She has resilience, and it's something I've loved about the character all along. I've always been a fan of the character, from her pervy era by William Marston to the era where they had her set in the 1940's during the time of the Wonder Woman TV show.

I was especially struck by how they utilized that in the Wonder Woman movie. I was reading later, there was a scene that the people around Patty Jenkins didn't want to film, and she insisted, where they're in the trenches and she's like, "Where's the enemy?" And they were like, they're on the other side of No Man's Land. And she's like, "Let's go get them!" And they're like, no, you can't do it like that. You have to plan.

And while the men are still huffing and puffing and mansplaining each other about how they're going to do it, she's already halfway across the battlefield to take on the machine guns of the Germans.

That scene, to me, was the epitome of her being an Amazonian warrior, being fearless, and being almost eager for battle. I think maybe people shied away from it because it felt like it might come across as war-mongering, but it was just an enthusiasm for battle that Gal Gadot brought to the film that I found very exciting and appealing."
- James Robinson

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"But what I've always loved about Wonder Woman is her strength. Even when she was in that phase in the white costume, where she didn't have her powers, she had great strength. One of the reasons that era ended was because Gloria Steinham said, "Hey, she's Wonder Woman! She's a superhero and you've taken away her powers!"

But I actually thought her lacking powers was like saying, I don't need them to be a strong woman. And I think that was almost a more powerful message. I was surprised Ms. Steinem didn't get that, to be quite honest with you."
- James Robinson

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 "I was careful to make sure it wasn't only about Jason, however. I was already getting crap from social media about how this is Wonder Woman's book and she should be the center of attention at all time. You know how strident Wonder Woman fans can be." - James Robinson.

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"Making the Justice League fit into a horror book was largely a problem of approach. What I decided to go for was a more oblique and shadowy representation of the JLA. They appear a little weirder and ominous and more frightening, unknowable entities of immense power that sit up there in space and watch over the affairs of men."
--Alan Moore, The Comics Journal 93 (Sept. 1984), 84.

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