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"I remember at the time, people were writing, "Rape has no place in a comic." To me, if you say in any medium that subjects are off limits? Well, I'll say it this way. I wish there was no rape in the universe. I wish that awful event never took place. But if we say that we can't discuss this as a culture, we're in an even worse place than just having it exist. It will always be uncomfortable, and that's what art always has to do. Our medium has to deal with those issues, and that's what it's always done. Whether it was Stan Lee's soapboxes, or Black Panther being introduced, or the Hard Traveling Heroes dealing with issues of the counterculture. Wherever it might have been, there have always been places where comics have taken on the hardest issues in society, and I hope it always will. It may not please everyone, but art is not always meant to please you. It's, at its best, meant to challenge you."

Source: https://www.cbr.com/interview-brad-meltzer-identity-crisis/

Naomi #1

Jan. 23rd, 2019 11:33 am
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"It's a mystery, so I have to be a little vague, but there's a reason this story takes place in the DC Universe. Just like Jessica Jones' story could have been told in a 'fictional' Marvel Universe, it really only had that specialness because it was the Marvel Universe. There's a similar thing with Naomi, where it's because it's the DC Universe that this story will be that much more potent for her.

[The events of the first issue] not only start Naomi on a quest to find herself, but by doing so, she starts investigating the town, and by doing so she discovers that -- like every town in America -- it's full of secrets. These secrets are a little more DC connected than I think people would even guess from the first issue." -- Brian Michael Bendis

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