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"The Suicide Forest is a ghost story, of broken hearts and loneliness. Alan is alone. Masami is alone and dead. And Ryoko, behind her facade of carelessness, is alone. And there is nothing more lonely than a ghost. Perhaps ghosts are no more than a metaphor of that solitude, of that abandonment and isolation that leads to anger, to frustration, to pain." -- El Torres

Warning for suicide

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Gone with the Blastwave is a black comedy focusing on two soldiers fighting a meaningless and all-consuming war in the desiccated remains of an irradiated, bombed-out wasteland of a city. Seeing how Veterans Day commemorates the lives lost in a similarly needless, seemingly never-ending tragedy, I thought this would be fitting.

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"I wanted to suggest that the real curse isn't menstruation but rather men's attitude toward it, and by extension their attitude to women as a whole. I wanted to get across, without being heavy handed, that it is the way in which men see and treat women that can often crush and trample women's minds and personalities into such tortured and self-destructive shapes."
--Alan Moore, Letters page, Swamp Thing #46

"The Curse" was Moore's most controversial Swamp Thing story, in terms of both industry and reader reaction.

Warning for misogyny/sexism, body shaming, and suicide.

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Richard Rider and Laura Dunham have entered the "let her know I'm a superhero" part of their relationship.
What could possibly go wrong?

Trigger warning for rape getting mentioned and off-panel suicide.

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