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Apr. 22nd, 2019 12:00 pm
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So, my sister, her husband and I have started what I hope will be a regular and continuing D&D game. We had a world-and-character-building session a couple weeks ago and our first game on Saturday.

You guys, I love this game. We decided early on that a thing we all really wanted was a world that was, above all, whimsical - full of wonder and silliness, basically a good children's cartoon. We also decided to dump all the more humanoid races and stick with more fantastical stuff or animal people. So Sean is playing a cleric who is a huge shoebill stork person (a reskinned half-orc but with the ability to use his wings to glide) and I am a wee blue-tailed skink artificer (basically a kobold with a few gnomish traits).

We had a great dungeon crawl where everything we encountered was basically friendly - special shoutout to the flumph who wanted us to listen to his mixtape. I think the only combat encounters we actually had were against a Rug of Smothering (can't talk, not a person) and the hag at the end of the dungeon (had kidnapped and enslaved a beer elemental, clearly a jerk). After about the third chamber, Katie looked at the two of us and said, "I don't know why I thought you guys were going to fight any of these creatures."

NGL, about 60% of the Monster Manual is full of creatures that I would prefer to be friends with.

Now we are 2nd level, we already have our next session scheduled, and my lizard found herself a cool new flowered hat on our dungeon crawl.

This is already the best D&D game I've ever been part of.
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… phew. this ask almost passes as a legit question, but the ‘xoxo’ at the end is a little much.  still, what a great opportunity to talk about this ongoing problem of people ignoring warnings that a work contains content that upsets them, then complaining that they were upset when they viewed it.

(first, a side note: don’t censor the word ‘pedophilia’. It’s not a slur - it’s a content warning. If you censor it, the blacklists of people who don’t want to see posts that mention pedophilia won’t catch it and they could be harmed. Just use the word.)

anti-shippers who look at a fic or fanwork’s tags and say ‘this has problematic content! I better go tell the author how problematic their content is!’, I have news for you:

warnings on fanworks indicate that the person creating the work knows the content is ‘problematic’, not for all audiences, and may hurt people if they view it unsuspectingly. stop taking fanwork warnings and tags in bad faith and using them as an excuse to harass and harm creators.

warnings aren’t ‘disclaimers’ (and aren’t used as such). they’re the CONTAINS NAPROXIN. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN sticker on painkillers. The content is good, even helpful, for some people, but for others who don’t need it or are too young to understand what they’re consuming could be harmed. take the warnings seriously and if you don’t like what they say the fic contains, you really are better off not reading/viewing it!

‘they’re not warnings, they’re advertisements!’ they can function as both! people who want to read that content can find it and people who don’t want to read that content can avoid it. everyone is happier, except anti-shippers who are mad that people are enjoying content they don’t personally approve of.

‘If the creator knows their content is problematic, then they shouldn’t have created it in the first place! Or if they did, they shouldn’t have put it on the internet for people to see!’ well that’s a very different conversation. What you’re saying is that you advocate for censorship, and in that case ‘don’t like don’t read’ would be worthless: only things you like would be allowed to exist in the first place.

But let’s talk about how ‘they shouldn’t have put it on the internet for people to see.’ the basis for this is, I know, that it could corrupt the unsuspecting youth who read the bad content. But isn’t this a bit contradictory? if a fanwork is tagged with a warning that it contains abuse, everyone who looks at the fanwork is going to know that 1) the author believes that abuse is bad and needs to be warned for, and 2) the work contains abuse. Taking these points together, no matter how positively the abuse is depicted, a viewer has foreknowledge that it’s abusive and the creator thinks abuse is bad.  It’s simply insulting to imply that viewers will look at the abuse in the fanwork so uncritically as to not think it’s horrible after receiving such a warning.

In fact, I’ve heard anecdotal evidence that people who have been raped or abused (or still being abused) or undergone other harm have read fics with these warnings and because of the warnings, realized what had happened to themselves was not okay.  If anti-shippers had their way, those fics wouldn’t even exist, much less be warned for.

I’m about to say something radical, so brace yourself: 

because tagging warnings is the accepted way to warn people about dangerous content in fandom, the things more likely to cause confusion and harm in fanworks are the things that aren’t warned for.

Even the most positive depiction of abuse would be spoiled by a warning. Can you imagine if the beginning of every copy of Nabokov’s Lolita started with ‘Warning: this work contains depictions of csa, abuse, and child grooming.’ It would force readers who are blind to the hints that the narrator is unreliable to read the work with a very different eye, and I doubt most people would read it and conclude it’s a love story the way many people do today.

Now Lolita was intended to be a kind of monster story from the point of view of the monster - it was never meant to be a positive depiction at all. Nabokov’s work was too subtle for most people, but he was a master storyteller. I think if he could, he’d go back and add a warning so people would stop getting the wrong idea.

In fandom, where we have a widely-accepted tagging system, potentially harmful content that the creator adds deliberately will be warned for. But the potentially harmful content that the creator doesn’t know about won’t be - and that’s the stuff that tends to be a lot more sneaky and insidious.

Let’s take your example: 

“i can be as racist as i want and you have to deal with it because i used a disclaimer".

Racism does crop up a lot in fanworks, but not in the way this implies.  There’s a huge difference between a creator recognizing racism exists and utilizing it as an aspect of a setting or acknowledging it in a respectful, truthful way and a creator who does not recognize their own racist blind spots and therefore ends up perpetuating harmful stereotypes or providing racist narration without realizing it.

The former tends to be warned for; the latter never is because the creator doesn’t even know they’re being racist. The former may be painful, because racism is shitty and harmful and real, but a person can steer clear if they want to avoid it and the warning shows the content is known to be bad. The latter is more painful because it’s not just depicting racism: it is in fact perpetuating racism.

So which is actually worse: the fic that has a warning for racism or the fic that doesn’t?

And this can be applied to anything. A fic that depicts a character being abused but doesn’t warn for abuse tells me that the author doesn’t know the work contains abuse (which is worrying for the safety of the author). A fic that contains dubious consent but the author doesn’t warn for noncon/dubcon/rape tells me that the author has a poor understanding of consent.  These are the fics that are more likely to be dangerous. Fics without content warnings are also the ones most likely to unironically and uncritically depict the bad behavior in a positive light - because the authors have been taught by the rest of society outside fandom that what they’ve depicted is normal/not harmful. They are victims, and they need help, not people yelling at them about how problematic they are.

Two last notes, which I’ll try to keep short:

If a fanwork depicts a relationship that’s canonically unhealthy in a world where it’s fluffy and healthy, they are not responsible for putting warnings on their fic that pertain to the canon version of the ship.  For instance: Kylo and Rey are enemies in current Star Wars continuity and Kylo tried to torture Rey for information. But if a fic is set in a future where Kylo is well-adjusted and happy and dating Rey in a non-abusive relationship, the fic does not need to warn for ‘abuse’. the fic doesn’t contain abuse. Let it go.

No creator is beholden to using anti definitions of words like ‘pedophilia’, ‘abuse’, and ‘incest’ for their warnings. The definition of what antis call ‘pedophilia’, ‘incest’, and ‘abuse’ varies from fandom to fandom - sometimes from pairing to pairing. While tags will always be somewhat subjective, the wide variety of definitions these words have in anti-shipper parlance makes them all but meaningless, so use them when you see fit, not when antis demand it.  If antis have a problem with it, they’ll just have to start treating ship tags as warnings* and avoid all depictions of ships they don’t like. (which is what we all wish they’d do anyway.)

And now for the final irony: every time anti-shippers use warnings as a reason to go yell at people about how their fanworks are bad, antis give creators less incentive to tag warnings. People might start to hope that if they just don’t warn up front for the potentially dangerous content people will stop yelling at them without even looking at the work itself. Or if the work is borderline (’maybe this is abusive but maybe it’s not’), they may opt to go without the warnings so they can avoid the extra trouble. this is already happening with dubious consent depictions. If a noncon warning gets you yelled at, then fics where the consent isn’t completely denied will just not get warned for at all, and that’s fucked up.  And when the warnings aren’t there, people are way more likely to stumble on something of a nature that upsets them! 

So as usual, in their crusade to eradicate all content that isn’t unquestionably wholesome and pure antis make everything a little less safe for everyone. Thanks, guys.  (please stop.)

and creators: please, depict terrible things in your fanworks in whatever light you choose - and warn for them. you might accidentally help save someone from a real situation that’s terrible.

*ship tags also work as both warnings and advertisements, as it happens. Funny, isn’t it?
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But, if one of the things that Thanos was sooo proud of was that the Snap was fair and impartial, then did he himself have a 50/50 chance of being dusted?

And if he had, would the Gauntlet have dusted with him?

Man, we’d be screwed then.

And if the Gauntlet didn’t dust, how easy would it be for the remaining Avengers on Earth to just pick it up and undo the Snap?

Either way, Endgame would be so much shorter…

My question is - if he dusted half of everything alive - never heard it was limited to humanoids, did he remove half the vegetation? Animals? Fishes? The goal was to half the population so they had twice the resources to survive. But if the snap eliminated half of the crops….

Yeah… That’s a good point.

Thanos is not one of the great thinkers of our time.

No wonder facing down Tony scared him. ;)

Not only that, but a surprising number of plants and animals rely of symbiosis with other creatures to survive. many plants wouldn’t be able to survive without the fungi around their roots helping them to filter minerals. Humans would starve to death without our gut bacteria.

Basically, whatever survived the snap would probably die anyway.

Nate in Tyranny

Apr. 22nd, 2019 07:04 pm
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Okay, 90% of the reason Nate ended up in this game was because of that portrait. 

Finally finished Tyranny

Apr. 22nd, 2019 07:04 pm
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So yeah.

Nate as an evil overlord.

Fits… surprisingly well?

Nate definitely has his dark side, even in Fallout 4. He’s very opinionated, and confident to the point of being arrogant at times. He’s only 22-23, but assumes he knows things better than most of the people he meets; although in his defense, he’s very gracious and apologetic when pulled up on that. And while in Fallout 4 he usually is loyal to the right people, I can really easily see him bestowing that on someone who is… less than great.

Most importantly, if he’s faced with a group he considers absolutely wrong (ie, the Institute) he will go completely Hellraiser on their asses.

So it turns out Nate being a Fatebinder of Kyros was a pretty good fit. The oddest thing is that being part of a larger group and having a structure to rely on, even if evil, actually means Nate is less fucked up than Fallout 4.

“We belong to Kyros, our lives are theirs above all else. To waste ourselves is theft from Kyros so by the Overlord, Nathaniel you are going to eat something or so help me…”

So Nate actually has a reasonably functional relationship with food in this world. Yay for evil armies and their rudimentary mental health services!

His backstory is a bit different but I’m really pleased I actually get to include trans!Nate in something, since it didn’t really working in Fallout 4′s backstory, and so far all he’s had is a little cameo in Bite Back.

Much like in Fallout 4, Nate’s born into a country that is very war torn. It’s only of the last Northern provinces still holding out against Kyros after the capitulation of Graven Ashe and the now-Dishonored. It’s been at war so long they’ve pretty much forgotten what peace is like, and everything in the country is pressed into service.

And unlike Kyros’ forces, they have definite views on how women should help the war effort. Basically by having as many babies as possible to fill the failing ranks of the army.

Nate was about eight years old when he realised this was what he was being intended for, and unlike Fallout 4 Nate, he didn’t try and tough it out, but sensibly ran away in the middle of the night.

He changed his name, lived on the streets as himself for six years. He didn’t really think about the war, getting closer every year, but just focused on staying alive and dodging patrols, and getting around the increasingly draconian laws.

After six years, his luck ran out. He was caught by the guard for stealing, and brought in front of the captain.

Who turned out to be his father.

Nate doesn’t like to think about what happened after that. He knows, logically, that his father was trying to be merciful. Penalty for theft was execution, and his father must have thought having Nate serve in the Mothering House would be kinder.

But Nate really, really would have preferred to have his head cut off.

And unlike Fallout 4, he can remember every fucking detail of the next four years.

At least he thinks it was four years. There weren’t any windows. Four births, anyway. He’d stopped speaking after the second. He’d stopped screaming after the third.

By the time Kyros’ forces finally broke through the walls and took over the city, Nate’s only thought was about the same as his Fallout 4 counterpart when he saw the bombs go off- oh thank fuck please kill me, I don’t care just as long as it’s over

As the forces took over district after district, soldiers came into the Mothering House and gave them weapons. Ostensibly for the women to kill themselves rather than fall into enemy hands. Nate looked at the blade, and his mind went- sort of red all over.

Years later, when he’s telling this story, Verse nods knowingly, “Yep, that’s what it’s like.”

By the time the Scarlet Chorus reach their district, the only one left standing is Nate. Covered in about twenty different kinds of a blood and carrying a butchered infant by the leg after he’d broken into the nursery. They are suitably impressed and take him to Tunon instead of just killing him on the spot- which is really not what Nate wanted and he’s screaming kill me the entire way there.

It’s probably not the most auspicious impression to make on Tunon the Adjudicator. Drenched in blood and demanding to die. Tunon is… well, it’s hard to tell behind the mask but the general gist is Not Impressed and he might just be about to quietly wave Bleden Mark to please kill this thing before it gets blood everywhere-

And stops. Nate still isn’t sure why. He looked at Tunon and it was like- the first real thing he’d seen in years. Like everything around them was just- the smoke that rose from his robes, and Tunon was the only thing that really existed. The one solid presence in the world. A fixed point.

Nate drew a breath, and started speaking. The first time he’d spoken in years and the words just broke out like a dammed river. Maybe he’d been saving the words, ready for this moment.

It wasn’t the best argument, stumbling and full of dead ends and confused examples, but the points were fairly well laid out and surprisingly coherent given the ending argument boiled down to please kill me and everyone else in this city.

But he must have said something right, because Tunon didn’t move as he staggered to the end of his recitation and- just fell to his knees as though the words had emptied him of everything he had left. He was crying, and pretty certain he’s about the die and please, please-

And Tunon looked at him. “What is your name?”

Nate blinks, because- they’d said his name when he was brought in. And Tunon keeps looking at him and it suddenly clicks and Nate swallows down a huge lump in his throat that isn’t just blood because oh thank you thank you he’s going to die under his own name. “Nathaniel.”

“Under Kyros, your name is Nathaniel.” And Tunon brings down his gavel on the word.

“Funny thing about Archon Tunon.” Nate explains as Lantry scribbles his story down, “When he lays down laws like that, the world changes in obedience. Maybe it’s just embarrassed to have been found fucking up so badly.”

Nate looked down at himself. And it was himself. He was very proud, he managed not to be sick all over Tunon’s robes. He burst into tears instead. His body was still a wreck, four pregnancies did that to you regardless of apparent gender. But it’s his, it’s his it’s his-

He’s not sure who takes him out of the hall. It might have been Bleden Mark, he can’t remember. He vaguely remembers having a bucket of water dumped over his head and being put in a room with a bed in it. He looked at the bed, and had no idea what it was. He slumped over and quietly passed out on the floor.

His first day as a Tunon’s Fatebinder started with someone accidentally stepping on him. Calio never lets him forget that one.

“It would have been a waste of resources to kill you.” Barik points out as Nate finishes his story. “Anyone who can kill a squad of guards with a dagger and make a legal argument in front of a court is worth preserving.”

“Well, yes.” Nate shrugs. “But it doesn’t really matter, does it? Whatever reason Tunon had, this is what he did. And for that, I’ll love him forever.”
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Winston Churchill with Provost Richard Howard and Mayor Alfred Robert Grindlay in the ruins of Coventry Cathedral, September 1941

via reddit

The guess Notre Dame could have been worse… could have had Churchill in it.
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The next time my TA ignores everything going on in the class to do her fucking paperwork I swear I will make her watch while I eat the fucking paperwork.
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The Addams Family renting out rooms in their huge mansion cheaply to broke college students.

The students digging it because the craziness and the bugs are pretty much the same as any other dorm house. Also, Morticia and Gomez treat them all like visiting cousins, not like tenants to abuse and exploit. 

One young female tenant sees Gomez treating his wife with the utmost respect and affection and realizes that she’s been making excuses for her awful, obnoxious boyfriend for way too long and that she deserves better 

Another tenant is in a same-sex relationship and their homophobic family doesn’t know (the Addams do, and Gomez and Morticia sit their kids down to explain homosexuality to them) “Your father and I love each other very much, and so does your new friend and her lovely girlfriend…” 

Another tenant who’s being pushed through a college program they hate by their controlling parents gets the courage to stand up to them and switch majors, confident in the knowledge that if their family isn’t going to accept them as an individual with their own dreams and goals, the Addams family will 

i almost even feel like the kids wouldn’t even question it cuz like, it makes as much sense as anything else

two people playing ping pong on the middle of the stairs. are they college students during finals week? are they related to the addams? who knows.

Wasn’t here an episode in the original tv series where a biker dude was adopted by the Adams and was overwhelmed by the love and acceptance that he couldn’t find in his own family?
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I wonder which of the Spidergang was the first to show up at May’s house and what she must’ve thought when a man in black and white/a girl inside a giant robot/a talking pig showed up outside her door.


The only one that makes sense is Noir. Peni doesn’t make sense to know that house and neither does Ham but if that house existed in 1930s New York and its just an old house, which by looking at the size and architecture it very well might be it, is possibly that May in Noir lives in the same exact house! Then we just have to assume that Noir was able to find the other 2 and bring them to May.

…or you know… plot holes.

Since May seems like a woman to give zero fucks I can only assume she was the one to go and round them up.
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Fic writing is on minor hiatus while Nate enjoys trying out his Lawful Evil side in Tyranny.

Spoiler alert, he’s not very good at it, but we both enjoyed yeeting that guy off the spire.
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I raise you

To be fair, fighting the Japanese was going to happen regardless of that Austrian guy did. It’s not like they were waiting on his orders.
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I think the Avengers cinematic series lost it’s appeal pretty much the same second I realized the directors were never going to make the team be friends
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Victor refusing to make the Monster a wife because he was worried they’d breed is such a cop out. Like, you’re cobbling together body parts from charnel houses. You can just not give her any ovaries. You can just spay her like a cat. Why are you this dumb Victor. You’re a doctor.

the implication that victor spend weeks giving the monster a working dick is also extremely weird

Something to remember is that Victor didn’t just give the monster a working dick! He wanted his creation to be made of the best parts of men-it’s why the monster is made up of so many different pieces rather than one fresh corpse, why he’s so large, and why Victor is disappointed that he isn’t beautiful.

So, what does this mean? It means that Victor looked at the dicks of various corpses, testing not only to make sure they work, but also to find what he considered to be the best corpse dick. Does this mean the monster was extremely hung? Or did Victor simply pick the dick that seemed most attractive to him? Did he memorize the appearance of the dicks, or did he line them up to compare?

We’ll never know, because the original story never touches on the subject, and it’s one of the few flaws in Mary Shelley’s work.

I know I started this conversation but I’m so sorry I did

Considering we know who Mary Shelley was spending time around I guarantee this was a CONVERSATION that she actively and adamantly refused to actually include in the text
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Here’s a quick doodle for the symbabies chapter of A Thousand Worlds Between Us by @skull-bearer on A03. Digital.

Thank you so much for this! It’s so lovely.
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wow i posted the first pic in december and never bothered to finish it but here it is finally. based on this text post by @sludgebf and hopefully there will be more to come yay
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But, if you were going to write a zombie apocalypse AU for Venom, think of all the fun questions you’d get to answer!

Can Venom be infected?

Could Venom cure Eddie if he was?

Would zombies taste dead and gross to Venom?

Could he get infected by eating them?

So much world building!!!

There was a Marvel zombie comic, if I remember, Venom and Eddie ended up dying because Venom couldn’t feed on Eddie’s emotions as a zombie and Eddie didn’t want to leave him so it was really tragic but sweet.
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The Guy Who Makes Those Cute Alien Comics Has Really Bad Opinions On Abortion:







Cartoonist Nathan Pyle, whose Strange Planet alien drawings you’ve definitely seen everywhere, was discovered to be anti-abortion today, which serves as a valuable reminder that you should know about the person whose content you’re sharing.

Pyle shares his artwork on Instagram on an account called @NathanWPyleStrangePlanet, which boasts almost 2 million followers. But, he also has a personal Instagram account and Twitter, which reveals a lot more about where he stands on important issues, like a woman’s right to choose. Twitter user @anarchopupgirl found a tweet that he posted back in 2017, in which he talked up the anti-abortion March for Life in a post about his former girlfriend. He shared a screenshot of a Facebook post that she had written, which thanked “the courageous mothers” who did not have abortions, and added, “When I think of the #MarchForLife, I first think of the life story of my girlfriend, Soojin. I am thankful she was given the gift of life.”

When looking at Pyle’s personal Instagram, though, it’s clear that we shouldn’t have been surprised that he has such conservative views. The first line in his bio is “I follow Jesus,” which should clue you in about his religious leanings.

Though you may not have followed Pyle’s account, you’ve no doubt seen his drawings re-posted by others on social media, and maybe even shared some yourself. Finding out about Pyle’s problematic views serves as a needed warning to make sure the content that you’re sharing was created by someone who views you as deserving of autonomy over your own body.

read more

‘kay now can we start spreading THIS version instead please? Thanks

I once again feel bad when I see these comics reposted without credit.

@thefingerfuckingfemalefury it seems this guy, like me, has very much improved and educated himself from the conservative views he used to have.

I reblogged the earlier post about him supposedly being anti-abortion so reblogging this one now to let people know that he’s apparently changed since then and is no longer a right wing anti abortion asshole but instead has become a very progressive and decent person <3

Which is good to find out because I did really love those comics and it’s nice to know the person making them ISN’T a prick after all

And it’s also good to find out because it’s always good to see people change for the better <3

Fair enough.
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While it could work, please name me one character who has DID who isn’t a villain. There aren’t many. Until we get more protagonists with DID even a well written villain is still contributing to a negative stereotype.
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So when it since we’re still on the topic of nakedness ala Venom I had a thought.

Eddie is the only one who really ever saw the Symbiote as a true romantic partner, but everybody still wanted to get buck naked while wearing it. Why would you risk taking a sonic blast and having everyone in the world see your gonads? I know that we think these men don’t have any shame but it seems kind of weird doesn’t it?

My proposition is though is that the Symbiote is actually the softest most luxurious feeling creature in the entire universe and you would be a fool to not have it cradle your junk. I mean Anne already described it as a warm bath what’s better than that?

eddie, fully enveloped for the first time, close to tears: it’s like… it’s like being suspended in liquid silk. it’s like the beating of angel wings given mortal form. it’s like the platonic ideal of caresses. i’m never going to wear clothes again

Full-body compression friend/garment that also gives you additional flexibility, super strength, and a fun way to turn your inner monologue into a dialogue
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Fun questions for anti antis that are into fanfics!

What was your first introduction to fanfiction and if you remember what was the first fic you reaf? :D

My first one was when I was 12 I think looking at Meta Knight fan art on DA and found a post with a link to fanfiction.net with a story!

The story was cool from what I remembered XD it was based off of the anime which I was super into at the time! It had these dark moments too that just shook me tho like I was s h o o k!

I thought fanfiction was cool and chilled out on the site (at the time I mainly read Kirby sonic mlp and Mario fics XD)

(I remember this wild one that I can’t find anymore sob)

I was so ready to have this post be hostile but it’s actually cute, haha

I might be dating myself here, but my introduction was LotR fanfic! As I recall someone on Neopets was talking about a blog dedicated to Legolas, I got interested, and ended up reading a TON of self-insert fic that the blogger also wrote/linked to. That’s all I was into for years.

(Actually one of those self-insert fics was a pretty graphic one that dealt with like, rape and CSA? Oh man I hadn’t thought of that one in a while but it was really good)

I was probably…. hm….. around 11 at that time? After LotR I moved onto Harry Potter and Tamora Pierce.

Oh wow, that takes me back.

It was back in the golden days of I think 2001, during the hiatus between Harry Potter book four and five. I was a massive Harry Potter fan and had been going stir crazy waiting for the next book. I got on the family computer (dial up dear god) and did a random search for Harry Potter, and landed, somehow, on a piece of fanfic.

It was pretty decent, it was called Harry Potter Book 4 and ¾, and was about the gang going to Hogwarts and encountering Voldemort who had an evil pet parrot. 

I. Was. Blown. Away. 

People did this?! I thought I was the only one making up stories with other people’s characters in my head! 

I made a spirited attempt to read every Harry Potter fanfic on fanfiction.net, made an account and was almost immediately banned for plagiarism. Made a second account in 2002 under the name Skull Bearer and… well, here I am.

My mother took one look at our phone bill the next month and nearly had a heart attack. Then we went broadband.


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Founded by girl geeks and members of the slash fandom, [community profile] scans_daily strives to provide an atmosphere which is LGBTQ-friendly, anti-racist, anti-ableist, woman-friendly and otherwise discrimination and harassment free.

Bottom line: If slash, feminism or anti-oppressive practice makes you react negatively, [community profile] scans_daily is probably not for you.

Please read the community ethos and rules before posting or commenting.

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