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Red Lanterns #1 preview

CosmicBookNews has the preview of issue #1.

If they managed to keep what was good about the Cosmic DC in DCnU in this title, this will be the only thing I will follow.

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Green Lantern #64

Having gone to my LCS today to pick up a few books I decided to give a flip through of the newest Green Lantern issue. I was very happy to see my favorite bibliophile return.

Some interesting story bits happened this issue but really, I picked it up for her so here's some of her.

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A little comic the cheer you up

Just in case anyone is sad...
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genre: fanart creator: geoff johns char: atrocitus  char: indigo char: green lantern/hal jordan

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Green Lantern Corps #48 preview

The new world order for the Green Lantern Corps begins to take shape.IGN has the preview as there is some foreshadowing.

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More Brightest Day Fun

As usual the Source has Brightest Day related solicitations.

There's also some Green Lantern related news, including a third GL title.

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Suggested Tags: event: Brightest Day, title: Green Lantern, title: Green Lantern Corps, creator: Geoff Johns, creator: Tony Bedard, creator: Peter Tomasi, creator: Doug Mahnke, creator: Ardian Syaf, char: Atrocitus, char: Dex-Starr, char: Ganthet, char: Green Lantern/Kyle Rayner, char: Green Lantern/John Stewart

Green Lantern #48

Two more pages from GL #48 (so unless I've missed something that'll be 7 of  the 7 and 1/3 allowable pages)

Here's some more Atrocitus! )Here's a silly question, anyone up for posting stuff today or tomorrow in regards to Thanksgiving, particularly bird related characters? IE Angel, the Shi'ar, or even other bird named characters IE Raven, Robin, Flamebird as a kind of bird day event?
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Green Lantern # 48

4 pages from Green Lantern #48 "Gimme a Break!" by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke.

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DCU Blog has another Red Lantern image

Team Scarlet Centurio... wait, no no .... the Blood Stryke Forc- no no, that's not it.... the Crimson Commando's?

From Red Lantern Corps 101