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31 Days of Scans - Family Moments: The Simpsons

A funny, bittersweet and touching story of shifting father-son / father-daughter dynamics.

'I'll always have plaster-of-Paris.' )

SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #6: Fallout Boy as Fall Out Boy!

The rock band Fall Out Boy named themselves after Fallout Boy from "The Simpsons." An issue of SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR does a little "recursive adaptation" or something with that.

Fallout 1.jpg

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MegaPost: Simpsons: the Best Radioactiveman Event Ever! part 3

Here it is, the final to this three issue epic.  We seen in past issues how  desperate comic companies try to sell their comics with gimmicks and how they brush off the readers with their proposals. Today, we finally get to see what is the big build up to Radioactive Man comic in the Bart Simpson comic, all of this in an 25 issue comic, meaning I can post an 8th scan here and still obey the 3rds rule. So enjoy this supplement from Simpsons Super Spectacular #9.
Best Ending Ever! )

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The Bartman Christmas Special

Since it's the 13th of December, I can say it is offical to start a 12 days of Christmas challaenge, where I try to post anything comic book related to Christmas or any holiday of the season. First off, and mostly later on, I am going to post some pages from a special JUMBO sized Christmas issue of Simpsons that I got last year during my trip in Ireland/England.

Simpsons and A Video Jeers + a real Holiday Cheer )
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MegaPost: Simpsons: the Best Radioactiveman Event Ever! part 1

The Simpsons comics have along history, and recently they been poking fun of anything comic book related, in terms of stories and fans. And they had a big story arc that was all about that in their 3 comic titles ( Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson, and Simpsons Super Spectacular). And I am going to post some of their best jokes here. And I am staring off where the story starts in Simpsons Comics #155

Joke that Nerd Like You Can Undesrtand. )
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Something to help for the new digs

This place is mission something. I don't know what. Oh, wait. I know.  Bart Simpson by the Barrel-Full! Straight from Bart Simpson #47, a little story I like to call....
Crisis of a Billion Barts )

Crisis of Infinite Barts

Whats more awesome than the Million Marios take of Quantum Physics? Bart Simpson, with a million of him with everyone else in Springfield. It all starts out when Bart watches Prof Frinks's house while his out. Being the trouble maker that he is, he founds a machine that monitors everyone in town. Then he presses a few buttons. and... well....