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Kid Eternity Finally Referenced!

Hey look, "Teen Titans" finally remembered that Kid Eternity had been kidnapped by Calculator!

Spoilers for Teen Titans #92 )

Birds of Prey #111

I wrote a script this evening that would let anyone, not just admins, backup Scans Daily.

After asking myself, "What would Oracle do?" I've decided not to share it with anyone. After all, I wouldn't want to share the ability to backup the SD community until everyone has the ability to back up the SD community.

Here's a scan to make this post legal.

Babs has a boyfriend! )

Peace out, y'all!

The Blue Beetle's Enemies, Part the Tri: The Calculator (a henchman's story) and Chronos V1

after going up against the arson-fueled vengeance of Firefist, dealing with the return of the Madmen and watching Doctor Alchemy destroy himself, Ted next found both himself and the Question tangling with the Muse, a gun-having crazypants with a plan to unite the city's warriors-esque gangs under his command to take on the current criminal syndicate in charge.

... however, as most of the good stuff from that's already been covered, I'll skip him. If you want a full account of how it all goes down, a quick google'll avail you.

But on to the next... villain, so to speak.  )