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In which Betsy Braddock becomes the Terminator

I have not posted here in quite a long time....but I think we need more Psylocke up in here. (By the way, she's met the Classic X-Men from the future right?)

Here is part of an odd story from X-Men Annual #11. Also be's Claremont so expect plenty of wordy dialogue.
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Marvel UK characters returning in January

But not, sadly in a revived Marvel UK, but in the usual American Marvel.... though at least some British creators are involved.

The crossover is called

Revolutionary Wars )
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Warren Ellis sends Excalibur on that grand old British tradition

a night out at the pub!


This is an unsual issue in that it has four different pencillers; David Williams, Mike Wieringo, Jeff Moy and Mike Miller, the art shifts are a little jarring at times, and Brian Braddock's hair approaches the hilarious at times, but try not to let that distract you..

Hi-jinks ensue )
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Time for some fun - New Mutants Annual #2

It's been a long and rather trying week for this little Robin fan as so much has changed... but rather than wallow in what has been lost (I'll still do that, but on my own time) it's time for this old codger to "Accentuate the Positive" again, and reach for the comic equivalent of comfort food... and for me, that's a little classic Alan Davis.... I was going to go for his Detective Comics run, but I think I'll use bits of that for my next Robin posting, so instead, it's off to another reliable source of entertainment; The New Mutants, with added Alan Davis.... (These 16 or so (of 48) pages are scanned form my original, 26 year old copy of this, so there are liable to be some less than CG perfect colouring issues etc)

As my favourite mutant asks...

Why do we do these things we do? )
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When you need a team of mercenary aliens, who you gonna call? The Special Executive, that's who!

This started as a planned "One Perfect Moment"... well, two actually, but as I went through it I thought "Sod it, this is too cool not to spend more time on".

So here we go... )
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Say, remember when Nightcrawler had his own team? No, not Excalibur...

The OTHER one...

From the days when Alan Davis was on art AND writing for Excalibur comes issue #48 -

Meet Nightcrawlers Technet! aka

The Uncanny N-MEN! )
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What It Takes To Kill The Fury

Alan Moore and Alan Davis' Captain Britain run from the early '80s is one of my favourite superhero stories. It's a legendary story for the way it was so novel for the time. Not enough have read it, although it's influenced Marvel and the character in many ways. You may have heard of the godlike Mad Jim Jaspers and his reality-warping powers; of how he created an artificial super-being, The Fury, which could evolve and adapt to any superhero's powers; how The Fury killed Captain Britain; how Merlin brought him back to life, improved; how The Fury sweeped the floor with his body several more times; how in the end Jaspers and The Fury had an epic creation-killing-the-creator battle. But in the end, it wasn't Captain Britain who took down The Fury; he almost died again, if it weren't for this:

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