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Look's like Carlie decided to come back from her home planet...and with a new makeover to boot.

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Yeah I know that the title isn't apt given that Hercules himself is a mortal at the moment, but still I think that Hercules is the anti-Hulk, his pants always come off:)

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I actually thought the last couple issues of ASM were a bit decent--Peter struggling with the people dying around him, the "Human Torch" memorial issue and even the Flash!Venom prelude. In retrospect, they were all absent of one thing--the Embodiment of Evil known as Carlie Cooper.

Well...she's baaaaaaaaaaaack....

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In today's post about the latest issue of Amazing Spider-Man, [personal profile] cuntfucius points out that, if you ignore how hard they're trying to sell her, Carlie has potential. I'd been meaning to post from these issues anyway, so here are a few pages from before Carlie was the Designated Girlfriend, when she's actually pretty decent.

Carlie Cooper wasn't always awful. )


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