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I went to this weekend's local comic book sales convention, Springcon (held in the State Fair grandstand) and had a good time. I picked up several books and items with the purpose of creating a raffle basket for my company's United Way drive, plus some stuff for myself. (Sadly the Three Caballeros poster signed for me by Don Rosa is too big to scan.)

In the cheap bins, though, I found something that many of our younger members may be unfamiliar with.

Sad Sack, short for the military term "sad sack of shit", was created by George Baker as a pantomime comic strip during World War Two. It was quite popular, and eventually Mr. Baker licensed the property to Harvey Comics, which ran comic books based on it for decades. It did very well for Harvey, as evidenced by the franchise supporting a half-dozen titles a month.

Sadly, by 1976, when this issue of "Sad Sack and the Sarge" #117 was printed, George Baker had passed away, so only that little bit in the upper left corner of the cover is his artwork.

A couple of inside glimpses, and some unrelated pieces picked up at the convention, behind the cut.

Ads, story, sketches )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Somehow this managed to come out while I wasn't looking.

Gotta love homage covers.

To recap, since it's been a long time since issue two...Casper the Friendly Ghost, Wendy the Good Little Witch and Hot Stuff live in Spooky Town, an extradimensional space "next to" New York City. Their people practice strict segregation, but the young folks have defied the norms of society to become good friends. Meanwhile, the powerful Volbragg, whose previous tyrannical rule was responsible for the oddities of Spooky Town, was kept captive by a force field fueled by "scares" extracted from humans. But thanks to a series of events including an Earth mad scientist trying to use the Netherworld as a power source, well...

The standard four pages from the new issue. )

Your thoughts and comments?

Tune in tomorrow, when I post for manga/mahnwa/etc. day!

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char: Casper the Friendly Ghost
char: Hot Stuff
char: Wendy the Good Little Witch
creator: Leanne Hannah
creator: Pedro Delgado
creator: Todd Dezago
publisher: Ardden Entertainment
title: Casper and the Spectrals
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As it turns out, I was able to find one (1) Harvey Comic in mostly intact condition in my collection. It's Richie Rich Profits #13, from 1976.

For you young'uns, Harvey Comics were once huge, putting out an average of thirty titles a month, four in the Sad Sack family alone. Richie Rich was the story of a boy from an emormously wealthy family, up in the Scrooge McDuck category. Despite being wealthy enough to buy a small country with pocket change, the Riches were refreshingly kind and egalitarian types. Especially Richie, who loved to hang out with his proletarian friends. (They were usually okay with taking advantage of Richie's generosity in sharing his nice things, but too proud to accept money or permanent gifts.)

And being both fantastically wealthy and nice, the Riches had some of the coolest servants around as well, as we will see in this issue.

But first, Richie Rich demonstrates his pyrokinesis. )

The Riches' butler was Cadbury, "the perfect butler." He wasn't quite on the combat level of some other butlers, but in his context, he's still awesome enough to hang out with Alfred, Jarvis, Jeeves and other butlers of legend. This story focuses on his relationship with Richie. (five scans from a fifteen-page story.)

Something about you no one else knows )

And now, a text feature for you older fans.
How much do you know about Richie Rich? )

And now, Cadbury in a solo adventure. (One page)
Yes, it's a very old joke. )

How about a one-page adventure of Casper the Friendly Ghost?
Plus another Scans Daily favorite. )

However, not all of the Rich relatives were salt of the earth types. Some, in fact, lived down to the worst stereotypes of the wealthy. Such as this fellow. (1 and 1/2 pages of five.)

Oddly, he doesn't think of any of the real adventures he's been on with his cousin. )

Hope you've enjoyed this look into the lives of the rich and famous. Your thoughts and comments?

More British comics will be coming up in the next few weeks.
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It's the 60th Anniversary of Casper the Friendly Ghost!

Naturally, this calls for a new comic book series updating this childhood icon for the modern age. And let's bring along a couple of his castmates for the ride, in Casper and the Spectrals #1.

So, you really want to know why ghosts scare people? )

Your thoughts and comments, favorite Casper stories?


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