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Finally found some time to post this. Sadly, it appears that this series has been cancelled with issue #8 due to low sales. There's been hints on the Facebook page that we might get more if the trades sell well, but yeah, not holding my breath.

Anyways, in this story, DW and friends go to their local Comic-Con! What could possibly go wrong?

7 and a third out of 22 pages )
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Final part of the storyline. While DW comes across Isis Vanderchill, Gosalyn deals with Bushroot and Dr. Fossil, whose latest science projet answers the question: what happens when you cross a plant with a dinosaur?

7 pages out of 22 )
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Given that Darkwing Duck #4 comes out today checked out the tags for Darkwing duck. There needs to be more Darkwing entries. So it's time to correct that with the two pages that got me into the series.
Two scans from #2 and three of #3 of the current ongoing.

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BOOM!'s publishing a four-issue miniseries in June, based on a Disney property a good deal of us remember quite fondly...

Let's. Get. DANGEROUS. )

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