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So, over in the Flashpoint #5 final pages post a mini-discussion of comicbook moms broke out in the comments. Talk naturally turned to the awesomeness of the Reyes clan and Jaime's mom Bianca Reyes in particular. Oh, the usual suspects were trotted out - "Is. That. A giant. Green. FIST?", "*sniffle* Kick their asses." - and I mentioned that time Bianca took down superpowered thugs with an MRI machine. Response? SCANS OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN.

Oh, it HAPPENED, all right. )

Hope you survive the reboot, Bianca! Stay awesome!
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Apologises for the scans, I spent nearly three hours trying to scan these pages but this was the best I could do. I'll fill in dialogue where it's cut off by the scanner.
4 from 40, and 3 from 40 )

title: JSA
Creator: geoff johns
char: mr terrific/michael holt
char: mr terrific/terry sloane
char: dr mid-nite/pieter cross
char: dr mid-nite/Charles mcnider
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In the last chapter of our merry tale of What The Hell, we were treated to a boatload of genetic and esoterical confusion, courtesy of the Hawkfamily, a demon, a wizard, and Dove. In this chapter, we get more build up, a lot of supposed therapy... oh, and plotholes. Big ones. But after the first two chapters, you should have seen that last one coming. Twenty three pages from six issues. I tried this time to limit the ranting. Sort of.

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In light of Atlee showing up in recent issues of Power Girl and the reposting of their shopping trip, I thought some introduction to the two might be appreciated. These scans from issue 1 and 2 of the Terra mini by Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner. It's not even close to 1/3 from either so don't panic mods!


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