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I was about seven years old and a voracious reader, so my parents would often buy a cheap box of books at garage sales and hand them over without checking through them. One day, I was going through a box and there was a comic in there with the cover torn off. It was a cheap Australian reprint in black and white, and they were always double editions, so two US comics in the one Australian reprint. The paper was absolutely appalling quality and was a delightful murky yellow before it even got to me.

The comic was Daredevil 176 & 177, by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson. I've tried to replicate what it looked like here, but there's still more shading and a lot less ink bleed than was on the original.

Daredevil 176

Looking back at the content of Daredevil 176, I'm not surprised that my immediate reaction was "MORE!" but looking at the content of Daredevil 177, I'm not so sure!

(2.5 pages from a 22-page comic and 2 pages from a 22-page comic)

In colour here )


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