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For those who were following Fusion here on scans_daily, sorry I took so long to post this last part of Fusion #4. I'm well underway with Issue #5 now (which is a return to a standard-sized issue), and will hopefully have that ready to post in its entirety around March. This last part brings the issue full circle, as well as opening up the major plotlines of the series. For those who need a refresher or wanna catch up, you can read part 1 of Fusion #4 at (and that post has links to the first 3 issues as well) and part 2 at

As always, if you wanna stay current with the series, I update on Tuesdays at

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For those of you've been enjoying my posts of Fusion (and again thanks to everyone who's given me feedback), here's part 2 of Issue #4, featuring the introduction of another villain. This brings this giant-sized issue to roughly its halfway point, and I'll post the 3rd and final part (as well as a brief epilogue) when I wrap up work on the issue.

You can read the first part of this issue (as well as find links to the previous issues) at

For those who want to follow the comic instead of wait for a batch post here, I upload on Tuesdays at

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As I mentioned when I posted Issue #3 of Fusion, I'd post Issue #4 in 3 parts (each part being a major scene, since the issue is composed of 3 major scenes and an epilogue). I've really appreciated the feedback you folks have been giving me, and hopefully you'll continue to enjoy the series.

For those wanting to get caught up, you can either read the comic at or check out the first 3 issues here at scans_daily:

Issue #1:
Issue #2:
Issue #3:

Anyway, to kick this issue off, we have the first real action scene and fight of the series. And, if the cover isn't telling enough, this issue is all about the villains. Here's the first 10 pages of Fusion #4.

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Fusion #3

Sep. 7th, 2010 12:08 pm
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As promised, here's Issue #3 of my webcomic Fusion. Despite the silly start to this issue, things do take a more serious turn as some things mentioned in Issue #1 get a bit further developed.

This issue also marks a number of formatting/style changes as the pages are now standard comic size instead of magazine size (although I did trim the margins a bit for online posting). Font sizes and gutters have been reduced, and I started playing around with greater variations in line weights this issue. Hopefully the changes will make the comic look better without being particularly jarring for readers.

Anyway, comments and criticism are ALWAYS welcome, and you folks have been VERY helpful with your feedback of the first two issues (for which all of the commenters get a big THANKS from me).

For those wanting to get caught up, you can either read the comic at or check out the first 2 issues here at scans_daily:

Issue #1:
Issue #2:

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Fusion #2

Aug. 28th, 2010 02:58 am
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A long while ago, I uploaded the first issue of my webcomic Fusion (see You folks gave me a lot of good feedback, and I've hopefully put your input to good use. I currently working on (and posting) the 4th issue, but wanted to post the second issue here for any further feedback you might offer.

Biggest problem with the first issue was the way-too-long and way-too-frequent exposition of the heroine. Hopefully the narration is much smoother in this second issue. If you enjoy this issue, let me know, and I'll be sure to upload Issue 3 in a week or so. (3rd issue contains some formatting changes from the first two issues, as well as the introduction of more varied line weights.)

Thanks in advance for any and all help (or simple encouragement) you folks offer! (And give me a few minutes to tinker with the cut, since I always seem to have to copy and repaste them before they work.)

Check out Fusion #2 here )


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