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with a bang *and* a whimper.

You'll recall that we left our merry band on the ropes during the rumble in the tumble(weeds) with Superboy, the Ravagers, Harvest and his lackeys, and Capt. Adym and Agent Lure of Echo all tussling with Daggor and the worldkiller he's building. Adym and Harvest, over the objections of all the other factions, planned to use Adym's time bubble to go back an hour before Daggor's forcefield went up and blow everything to Hell - killing billions, but saving quintillions, by their rather loose math.

We rejoin our battle already in progress, as Harvest sends Adym off in the bubble.

I do hope you won't allow the recent unpleasantness to taint your impressions of the 21st century! )
And we close out with the tagline, NEVER THE END!

So since they're still stuck in the 21st century, now can we start integrating them with the rest of the DCnU? I still miss Oz and the Orchid Clinic doc, who's still got hypertaxis virus mutation sufferers/fatalities all over the place. Wherever this team turns up next, I'd like to see some of that kind of supporting cast relationship-building happen, since they never took the time in their own title's 2-year run to do it properly.

...I know I sound like I don't like this title, but honestly I do. I nitpick because I love. I just got the trade of the first six issues and reading it like a book, I can see so many missed opportunities and so much potential here. It may not have suited my vision of a 21st-century Legion book, but I'm awfully sorry to see it go.
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- especially if, like me, you haven't been reading other DCnU titles like Ravagers or Superboy. Four pages each from LL #14 and #15, out this week. I didn't post any of last month's ish at the time because I couldn't figure out where to even begin summarizing this hot mess. Oh, multi-team context-free melee issues, how I haven't missed you in this title! But oh yes, IT IS ON.

Rumble in the Tumble(weeds) )
Next issue: Please Join Our Lost Legionnaires For Their .... LAST STAND!
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Hi ho! it's time once again for perletwo to bring you some new Legion Lost and to speak of herself in the third person for no good reason. Not a bad issue, #13 - some dangling plot threads begin to weave together at last.

You may recall, when last we left our Losties in #12, they had just evaded the military black ops metahuman hit squad out to capture them, courtesy of Gates, who told them they were headed for Krygyzistan. The hit squad, meanwhile, had gained an appreciation for the Legion via a telepathic time-share with the 30th-century bad guy Alastor, now an energy being.

But orders is orders, so the Losties are now Gates'ing from city to city to throw the hit squad off their trail. They've taken refuge in an abandoned amusement park when suddenly Tellus cries out in agony, as if millions of voices cried out in terror...and then...were silenced. Wildfire takes off into the black to investigate, rudely blowing off Dawnstar's offer of help. Unfortunately he finds something the cover lines describe thusly:

Back planetside, Yera again makes her pitch for going after Harvest, the big bad of the godawful The Culling crossover event. Tyroc points out there are no historical records of a 31st-century criminal operating in the 21st century or heading an organization like N.O.W.H.E.R.E. "What do you know that we don't?"

Yera holds her tongue, but cues up the flashbacks. )

"Next issue: SUPERBOY...the RAVAGERS...and HARVEST join the fray!!!" Which I guess means we'll be treated to another big multifaction donnybrook issue that kills any narrative momentum we've picked up. *sigh*
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I bring you 4 pages from the new Legion Lost, in which Alastor - remember him? the future!criminal they pursued to the 21st century, who released a mutagenic virus before the Losties captured then promptly lost him? - has returned in search of a little payback. And this time he's an energy being that possesses other people's bodies and brains. End of last issue, he possessed an unsuspecting Dawnstar, and....

Nobody has any secrets anymore. Not from - oh wait. Wrong telepath. Sorry. )

I know that last page doesn't really advance the plot any, but it's just so pretty.

Incidentally, the credits offer a "Special Thanks" to Ron Frenz - anyone got any idea what he might've contributed to this issue?
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New issue of Legion Lost out today; I bring you a whopping 1 page, which introduces concept.

Previously on LOST: The Losties escaped The Culling with their dignity mostly intact *and* a new time bubble. The bubble had some presets they couldn't work around, though, and took them to Harvest's version of the future: a burned-out dystopia where the Legion HQ was in ruins. The Losties raided HQ for supplies and fresh duds and tried to go back a couple of years, only to wind up back where they started in the 21st century.

Meanwhile, Steve Trevor ordered the commander of that metahuman research facility that captured Gates and Yera to take down the Losties with prejudice. She squeezed their friend Oz into luring them into a trap, put Oz double-crossed her with a quick warning. Nonetheless, Timber Wolf ended up getting shot.

And then more stuff happens. )

What do we think about this as a social service plan, guys? And is it too soon to start placing bets on which DCnU denizens might be Echo placements?
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OK, so the work on this primer kind of got away from me, mea culpa. But I now have it complete up to the current "The Culling" crossover arc.

In Part 1, we saw how Yera was duped into impersonating Shrinking Violet for months on end, during which time "Vi" secretly married Colossal Boy. Yera was exposed, Vi was rescued, Gim and Yera decided to stay married, and all was on track for them all to live happily ever after.

But first, they gotta tell Gim's parents...

in a story called 'Guess What's Coming to Dinner?' No, really. )

And you can tune in to Legion Lost for more Chameleon Girl, now that The Culling is wrapping up!
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So Legion Lost #8 came out this week, and it's all about sucking the Losties into this big The Culling crossover plot with Teen Titans and Superboy. To that end, Rose Wilson & the Ravagers ambush the Losties at the behest of somebody named Harvest, who, according to telepathic Tellus, scares them.

But that's not what we're going to be discussing in the 2 and a half pages I'm posting here. No, that's Chameleon Girl, how the Ravagers get the drop on her, and what we learn from her musings.

I'll be your captor today. )

Incidentally, Rose herself goes up against Timber Wolf, and it's an interesting matchup.

If there's interest in it, I'm thinking of doing a History of Chameleon Girl post in a couple days. It's beginning to look like Yera is going to get a spotlight in this series, so it might not be a bad idea to do a primer.
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Four pages from Legion Lost #7, just because they amused me.

To recap: Our team of intrepid Legionnaires - Gates, Chameleon Girl, Dawnstar, Wildfire, Tellus, Timber Wolf and team leader Tyroc - have chased another time traveler back to the 21st century (see LL #1-6) and become stranded by the strains the Flashpoint barrier creates for time travelers; over in the Legion's main title, the group believes the away team dead and has installed statues for them.

At this point their original mission is pretty much a wash, and this is a filler issue in which the team deals with the intricacies of daily life in the distant past - particularly when at least two of your team are distinctly non-hominid.

We should at least try to fit in while we're here. )

T-Wolf's playing quick and dirty with the ethics there, but I kinda think it works in the end.
Next up, the stage is set for "The Culling," the big Legion Lost/Teen Titans/nU-Superboy crossover.


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