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Hard as it is to believe now, there was a time when Archie Comics had many titles that starred teenage protagonists that had nothing to do with Archie Andrews and his supporting cast. One of them was a red-headed girl known as Ginger Snapp. She originally appeared in 1945 on the pages of Suzie Comics #49. She was originally depicted as a mousy, clumsy girl. But over the next few appearances, her personality evolved. She gained confidence and generally became more assertive. Ginger also discovered that she liked boys. A lot. She dated quite a few of them without ever quite committing to any one in particular, but she seemed especially fond of two boys - the pure-hearted, carefree Tommy Turner and inventive, the more intellectual Ichabod "Ickky" Jones. Unlike Betty and Veronica, the two never seemed to get at all jealous of each other, or any other guys Ginger dated.

After appearing on the back pages of Suzie Comics for a while, she gained her own title in 1951. Her title lasted for 10 issues. After that, Ginger Snapp was never seen again.

Or, at least, so I've been able to gather. I've hard time finding any sort of information about Ginger Snapp and her supporting cast. I found a rundown of her cast at Archie Universe website (scroll towards the bottom), but that's pretty much it.

Now, lots of online sources call Ginger a female Archie. Me, I don't think that's really the case (beyond a few surface similarities), but I'll let you be the judge of that.

The first story originally appeared in Ginger #10. The rest originally appeared in Ginger #6. I couldn't find any credits, so I have no idea who drew or wrote any of them.

Ginger is not at all desperate )

Though she is occasionally careless )

Ginger 'steals' a boy (2 pages under the cut) )

Ginger tries to pick a date. Hilarity ensues (6 pages under the cut) )

And, as a bonus, an Archie Comics house ad from Suzie Comics #56

Gee whiz, they are all so unique and different. How can I possibly choose? )

Tune in next time for a story from Spy and Counterspy - a Cold War anthology that billed itself as a mix of adventure and romance comics and delivered better than what you might expect.


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