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'I've never ever looked at the sales on the books. Never. It's never been an issue. What Ross and Joe achieved on "Glory" was similar to what Brandon has achieved on "Prophet" in that they have crafted an all-new way that people see the character. Their achievement on "Glory" is such a personal reflection of their unique creative styles that I can't just slot a creative team in behind them, and say, "Follow this..." I would have to see a take or a creative vision equal to what they produced in order to continue the book at this point.'

- Rob Liefeld, explaining why the book's ending (
The final issue )
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Got a new bunch of nice pics for everyone to take a gander at! Hope you enjoy! And of course feel free to share you own art finds!
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Glory #30

Dec. 23rd, 2012 11:08 am
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In most superhero universes, it's established that the tradition of superheroes dates back to 1940s and Word War II. It's so common that it's kind of cliche these days. So it's nice to see a comic taking a different approach to its fictional backstory.

The 1920s: Glory vs. Fantomas )

Glory #27

Jul. 19th, 2012 01:30 am
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In the previous issue, the demons of Ultima Thule managed to track down Glory to her hiding place in the French village of Mont St. Michel...

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The relaunch of Rob Liefeld's Extreme Studios continues apace. This month, the new Glory title debuts.

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GLORY was Alan Moore's homage to the Wonder Woman mythos, in the way SUPREME was his homage to Superman. It featured one of the more interesting takes on the idea of a secret identity that I've seen.

These pages are from issues 0 and 1.

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In the late 90's, Rob Liefeld hired Alan Moore to revamp Liefeld's "Awesome Universe," the superhero universe of such characters as Supreme and Glory. Moore's version of Supreme, which was something of a Superman pastiche/homage, is fairly well-known to fans, and a lot of people have sung its praises. Somewhat less well-known is Alan Moore's proposed revamp of Glory, which would have followed along similar lines, using Wonder Woman instead of Superman as a template. There were some troubles with Liefeld's company around the time it was set to come out, so not much in the way of actual comic book work materialized. However, Liefeld did end up publishing Alan Moore's outline for the revamp, alongside a bunch of other stuff, in a one-shot called "Alan Moore's Awesome Universe Handbook."

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It's quite the fascinating read, as Moore shares some thoughts on early Wonder Woman comics and the way mythology tends to be approached in shared universe superhero comics. It's an intriguing peak at what might have been if Liefeld had only run a tighter ship. And it's a testament to Moore's skill as a writer that this mere proposal, by itself, is more interesting, imaginative, and charming, probably even more intelligent, than most superhero comics being published these days. I especially like his description of the Diamond Chariot, the equivalent to Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane that he comes up with. Oh, so many possibilities.


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