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Minimalist cartoonist Jason has achieved international success among the indie crowd with his mostly wordless stories of wry melancholia. But he started out doing much more straightforward (albeit often surreal) comedy, which may be an easier introduction to his world.

These are some of my favorite stories from his transitional period.

Meow Meow )
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I asked Rabican about the 'character:' tag recently.  I told her that we were starting to see tags get cut off at the end because people were running out of letters in the tag itself, and asked if it could be shortened.  She agreed, and right now they're all being trimmed down to 'char:'.

A couple specific tag-related things to add.  Some character's names are shared between publishers (ares and Hercules are good examples).  Going to be addding /dc, /marvel, etc... to the end of those names where appropriate.

One last thing to add.  One of our favorite in-jokes, Batdickery, has a tendency to come in alot of flavors.  Irondickery, Superdickery, Spiderdickery, etc.  I'd like to change all of them into Herodickery, if that's ok with our Galactic Overlords.

For legality, some Battle Pope scans.  I'm not going to make a habit of reposting alot of old S_D 1.0 material, but I needed to get this info out in the open and that's the only stuff I have available.


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