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Ah Hitler, if any historical personality has appeared in Superhero comics more I'll be surprised (although there was a brief time when Nixon appeared in a lot of stuff, such as an actual supervillain in Captain American around the time of Watergate). Naturally as the cause of so much evil, he's been the target of the wrath of many a superhero over the years, but due to him being a real person actual depictions of him getting killed for his crimes are relatively rare.

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After giving the world Tiny Titans with DC, Dark Horse Comics are proud to present that Baltazar and Franco will be giving the world....

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After the last climactic issue of Hellboy: The Fury, we know what the future... and past... have in store for Big Red. Newsarama has the interview with Mike Mignola and we get answers as to why Hellboy has gone in this direction.

For those who have not picked up the last issues of Hellboy: The Fury and BPRD - Hell On Earth, be forewarned.


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ComicBookResources has startling revelations about how The Fury story arc will finish for Hellboy.

Boy, I am just filled with MAJOR SPOILERS this week. This interview with Mignola has more.

Awww, crap.

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DarkHorse has announced the team up of the Goon and Hellboy characters for a one-shot story, and the deceptively simple look of the book just makes me want to read it all the more.

Can't wait to add it to my fall reading.

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ComicBookResources has the preview for Hellboy - The Fury #2.

Damn, I just love how they are raising the stakes and the tension in the book with such great art.

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Holy shnokey's is Dark Horse and Mignola bringing out the Big Guns for this, the big finale to one of Hellboy's major story arcs. The lines in the sand have been drawn, the armies of light and dark are assembled, and Big Red goes one-on-one with The Queen of Blood.

And while the main fight begins, as usual, epics have other players causing major things to happen. Mignola makes every page and almost every frame count.

With great pain I had to choose only 4 pages of Awesomeness that is issue #1.

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Another Hellboy one-shot came out today.

The art was good, the story... well, it didn't rise to the occasion.

But one page of comic naughtiness that "just made my eyes go wide".
Curse you, shark-topus, I mean scans_daily!

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God, 5 years into this and I can't believe I am the big B.P.R.D. proponent for Scans_daily.
Anyhow, I ramble on.

Comic Book Resources has the preview for the upcoming one-shot of young Liz Sherman's first outing with the B.P.R.D.

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So I really liked the Hellboy movies, the second one moreso than the first one. I think a lot if it has to do with Guillermo Del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth being one of my favorite movies of all time) but I am interested in the characters of Hellboy and friends. At the same time there seem to be numerous titles, miniseries, spin-offs, even novels, so it's a bit daunting. Where should I start and in what order? What stories are essential and which ones are not? I'll probably be reading them in trade from the library as opposed to scrounging for back issues.

For legality, a two-page story by Mignola that was apparently in the trade for Right Hand of Doom (found it on the internet).

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Hellboy once again reminds us why vampires are not to be tolerated to walk amongst the living.

*modified by request for context
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As usual, the creators at DarkHorse for this project deliver a sharp tight story with good art, great characterization with real emotion, drama, risk and danger and a good pay off. And the addition of Hellboy and his universe to it just spices it up more for Halloween.

Just good old fashioned fun.

Spoilers behind the cut.

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