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31 Days of Scans - Family Moments: The Simpsons

A funny, bittersweet and touching story of shifting father-son / father-daughter dynamics.

'I'll always have plaster-of-Paris.' )

SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR #6: Fallout Boy as Fall Out Boy!

The rock band Fall Out Boy named themselves after Fallout Boy from "The Simpsons." An issue of SIMPSONS SUPER SPECTACULAR does a little "recursive adaptation" or something with that.

Fallout 1.jpg

Interminable Crisis! )
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Since proteus_lives made posts of Marvel parody themselves, as well as computer trouble is keeping me away from my only paying job that I have two days a week for, I thought I should make a post (for a Long time since that X-Factor post) with a Simpson's comic parody from the very first issue of SImpsons Super Spectacular, with the take of....EVIL COUNTERPARTS!!! )
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How to End Halloween

Okay. Halloween is going to end in a few minutes, so I might as well find a way to end it... with the Simpsons. Something to hold you till they air the Treehouse of Horror this year.

A way to end Halloween )