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When Jonathan Hickman took over the Avengers he added to the team, among other people, Hyperion of Earth 13034. The only survivor of an incursion, Hyperion was brought to Earth 616 by AIM scientists. He became a father figure to the Zebra kids of the savage land and bearded drinking buddies with Thor. The two of them died at the edge of the universe before Secret Wars.

This is yet another parallel universe Hyperion. This is not King Hyperion, or Supreme Power Hyperion, this is not Gruenwald's Hyperion. This is Hyperion without all that baggage. This is Hyperion with a fresh slate, for a very specific purpose. He comes out of what the big story is behind the whole Avengers three-year plan that I have. He's very important, very pivotal, and I think people are really going to dig where we go with that. He's not going to be our poor analogue for Superman.
Post secret-Wars, Hyperion is travelling across America as a truck driver. He's used his artic as a baseball bat to beat up some super-powered carnival freaks, rescued an alien held captive and picked up Doll, a runaway teen.

Meet Marc Milton )
But Hyperion #5 sees him leave the carnival freaks behind and embark upon a very different sort of adventure )

If you want to find love the Hyperion way, remember these three basic rules
Truth without compromise
Thought without error
All things for the betterment of the whole

Art by series regular Nik Virella former Red Hood and the Outlaws/Wolverines artistArio Anindito, story by Chuck Wendig
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Let's hear it for them, the Squadron Supreme! The mightiest champions of humanity on now-extant Earth-712, a world blessed and cursed with but a fraction of the superbeings that roil the omniverse!

Twelve of the most spectacular beings in creation, who battle fiends and forces before which an ordinary person would be so much vapour! Though they come to the brink again and again, still they never break the trust their charges have in them!

Well, there was that ONE time... )
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The talk about IDENTITY CRISIS led to talk about SQUADRON SUPREME. A backup story in WEST COAST AVENGERS ANNUAL #4, the "Saga of the Serpent Crown," gives a recap of an Avengers/Squadron Supreme team-up that ends with an ominous look at the future.

The Beast in a rubber mask. )
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Greetings True Believers! My last post of the year is here! This is part 2 of my Hyperion mega-post. Mark Milton is Hyperion, a superman analog in this story. Read part one for more explanation on that front. He was raised by the government to the America's greatest weapon and hero. He was the first superhuman but he has recently discovered he's not the only one. His first encounters with these beings will be both kind and trulbulent.

He has been lied to all his life.

He has been been manipulated all his life.

He has the powers of a god and he's discovered the truth. What is Hyperion going to do?

Suggested Tags: char: hyperion, char: doctor spectrum/joe ledger, publisher: marvel comics, title: supreme power, creator: gary frank, creator: j michael straczynski, nsfw: gore

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Greetings True Believers! I have been inspired to do a series of posts about Mark Milton/Hyperion of Earth-31916 A.K.A the Supreme Power Universe. Hyperion is a Superman analog and the whole concept of the Squadron Supreme is a Marvel riff of the Justice League. What began as a shallow idea really took off. I really suggest the 1985-86 Squadron Supreme maxi-series by Mark Gruenwald. It's fantastic. In 2003 Marvel published a MAX reboot of the series called Supreme Power and it is also excellent.

This series has some simple but interesting themes. What if a Superman wasn't raised by kindly farming couple? What if it wasn't so easy to fit into the human race, even if you look like them? Would people, governments and others react to the sudden induction of superhumans to the equation? What effect would superhumans have on a realistic world?

This post is about Hyperion's arrival, childhood and the first stage of his super-hero career. Enjoy!

Suggested Tags: publisher: marvel comics, creator: gary frank, creator: j michael straczynski, char: hyperion, nsfw: sex, title: supreme power

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Greetings True Believers! I was reminded of my love of the Marvel MAX series "Supreme Power" today and I wanted to post the highlights of the first Hyperion/Redstone fight. SP was one of my all-time favorite series and cemented me as a JMS fan. This post could also be titled, "The result of superhumans fighting a populated area." Enjoy!

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