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Despite being a tie in to an event comic, Avengers Academy's tie in to Fear Itself is honestly one of the best things to come out of both. I'll also be posting another honestly good thing to come out of Fear Itself, an issue of Secret Avengers written by Nick Spencer. Because it's taking place in Washington DC like the events here, and is just that awesome.

This arc serves as a culmination of a lot of what Academy was about and may just be the best arc in the entire series. Yeah, it's downhill after this. But it's one hell of a high note.

Get your hankerchiefs ready, this is gonna be one hell of a tearjerker.

It also continues the trend these posts have had of "Academy showing up Arena at its own game" as we see death handled maturely and with peak drama.
For those that managed to miss this event (lucky you), )


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Now, back to the fun of Avengers Academy.  The series as a whole did not have a lot of tie in material.  Some of the kids appeared in Wasp & Ant-Man, and they also played a role in Marvel Universe vs. Avengers.  We already covered the former, and we're not touching the later for several reasons: 1) It's honestly very bad, 2) It's an AU, 3) They barely do anything there, 4) the art is horrible, 5) They keep drawing the wrong Hazmat (yes, there are two characters named Hazmat at Marvel, the other one was created for the crappy Rise of the Imperfects video game.

But there are a few others, and we'll be going through them here. Avengers Academy Giant Size #1 and Amazing Spider-Man #661-662.  Also, we have #13, 14 and 14.1 of Academy.  Most of these are just side-stories and setup for what's to come. 

Oh, and a dance. Because stress. 

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FEAR ITSELF: THE HOME FRONT has a seven part story by Christos Gage and Mark Mayhew starring Speedball. After helping the Avengers Academy take down from crooks, Jocasta shows Speedball a debate between Trish Tilby and Miriam Sharpe.

And Marcy Pearson too! )
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Four scans apiece from Mighty Avengers #35 and Thunderbolts #142.

Read more... )char: ant-man/wasp/hank pym, char: jocasta, char: amadeus cho, char: vision/jonas, char: stature/cassie  lang, char: usagent/john walker, char: nuke, creator: dan slott, creator: jeff parker, creator: khoi pham, creator: wellinton alves, title: mighty avengers, title: thunderbolts, publisher: marvel comics
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Three scans from Avengers vs. Atlas #3.

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char: venus, char: she-hulk/jennifer walters, char: hulk/bruce banner, char: jocasta, creator: paul cornell, creator: leonard kirk, publisher: marvel comics
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Three more pages from that Avengers "Interludes" issue. To recap, the Gov. has cut the Avengers roster to 6, the rest must go. Jocasta makes her move...


Char:The Vision, Char:Jocasta, Title: The Avengers, Creator: George Perez,Creator:David Michelinie ,Publisher Marvel comics

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Greetings True Believers! I bring you two scans from The Mighty Avengers #29. Well, we've seen some creepy moments from Hank Pym and Jocasta but this may take the cake. That and Jarvis almost loses his shit below the cut. Enjoy!

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Gather 'round, chilluns, it's storytime.

I was originally intending to post some Christian-comic cheese, but having the memory of this brought up made me insistent on sharing the pain, especially since the original S_D went bust and took this with it. Thus, I bring you the story of how Carol Danvers gave birth to her own rapist, featuring pages and partial pages from Avengers #197-200*.

*Issue 200: Roughly 10 1/2 of 35 story pages.


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