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In a tribute to the late, great Len Wein, here is a repost of some pages from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #151 to #153 with art by Ross Andru. It takes place right after the original Spider-Clone story, when Peter and Mary Jane got more serious and started "officially" dating.

But all serious superhero relationships hit that one stumbling block: when one of you has to run out of a party to fight a super-villain.

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So today (in America; it still counts!) is the fifth anniversary of my first post to the community! I guess that makes it my scansiversary? I considering doing a reprise of that very same entry, but those scans are either a) stuff I'm no longer into or b) have been reposted multiple times. Instead I thought I'd scavenge a couple of my favorite bits from my 1.0 Mary Jane series, oh so long ago.

Behind the cut, Mary Jane and Peter's first kiss as a serious couple, way back in Conway and Andru's Amazing Spider-Man #143. Also, answers to two questions you didn't know you wanted to know about their relationship: Why does Mary Jane call Peter "tiger?" and What's Peter and MJ's song?

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I moved from San Diego back to Austin this week, and have not had time to do more Legion stuff. I do like talking about art on s_d a lot, though, so I decided to just repost something from the old s_d.

Without further ado, here is issue #141 of the Spectacular Spider-Man, by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema (although I strongly suspect the hand of Janson here).


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