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DAREDEVIL: GUARDIAN DEVIL is a popular Daredevil story that started the "Marvel Knights" line. Here's something about the Kevin Smith/Joe Quesada story: It's the first time that Matt Murdock got angry over the events in BORN AGAIN, another popular Daredevil story.

Angry Matt is angry... for the first time? )
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'Golden Age' is one of my favorite arcs from Bendis' and Maleev's run on Daredevil. It's just a great combination of writing from Bendis and art from Maleev. It's also largely a stand-alone story so you just need to be familiar with the basic concept of Daredevil being outed as Matt Murdock and later declaring himself the 'Kingpin' of Hell's Kitchen.

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It was in the Secret Love one-shot.

It took place on the part of Battleworld where an Inferno was raging.

It concerned Karen Page and Matt Murdock.

(It's got a " Nocenti and JRJR " dedication.)

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This isn't the best scene between Matt Murdock and Karen Page, but it is an interesting one. Matt finds Karen after a long absence, which involved Typhoid Mary.

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When Daredevil became his own fake twin brother. Keep in mind, he kept this up for seventeen issues. This was before decompression.

Let's see how this bites him in the ass )
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Not part of the original S_D 1.0 Spider-man/Daredevil series, I wanted to insert bits and pieces I hadn't included the first time. Turns out there was a lot more than I thought. (Lotsa scans below cut)Read more... )

Part 1 posted previously.

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DAREDEVIL #350 concluded J.M. DeMatteis' brief but important run on the book. Matt Murdock had a nervous breakdown (neither his first nor his last) and started running around in his old Yellow outfit. He then remembered accidentally killing a prostitute in Frank Miller's MAN WITHOUT FEAR series. Then Karen Page and Foggy Nelson found Matt, and Foggy was angry he never knew Matt was Daredevil. Then Stick showed up. Then Matt was in a graveyard confronted by three Daredevils in the three Daredevil costumes.

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J.M. DeMatteis' brief DAREDEVIL run continues. After stopping the rampaging woman called Sir, Matt Murdock has realized the man who has been running around in the old yellow Daredevil costume is... himself! That was quickly followed by remembering he accidentally pushed a prostitute out a window while trying to "get" the last of the fixer's men who killed Battlin' Jack Murdock. Karen Page and Foggy Nelson found Matt in "Jack Batlin's" apartment, catatonic and in the yellow Daredevil costume.

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There are a lot of underrated Daredevil writers, and J.M. DeMatteis is right up there. Of course, he's better known for writing other characters *and* his run on DAREDEVIL was only about 6 issues. But it was during that run that Foggy Nelson learned Matt Murdock was Daredevil *and* Matt decided to drop the "Jack Batlin" alias.

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Since it seems I can't post anything on this board without causing something of a "dust-up" in the replies, I thought I would post some pages from DAREDEVIL #327 and #329. It features Karen Page as an anti-porn crusader, fears about the new cyberspace and Captain America wondering about 1990's morality.

The guy buying "Playdude" is supposed to look like Tom DeFalco.

More sensitive topics after the cut. )


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