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Okay, I want to start this post off with something midly off-topic (only mildly, I promise, and it ties in to the main post eventually, I promise):

I. Love. My. Boss.

Okay, Carol's not exactly my boss anymore. Friday was her last day, and she left me with a present before she left. You see, her brother left her with all of his old

comic books and never came back for them. She's moving, and had no desire to keep them, so she gave them to me. And do you know what was amongst that treasure trove?

Walt Simonson's run on The Mighty Thor.

And so, I offer you, my friends, the closest thing to a Hildy mega-post we're likely to get.

Lots of images below the cut, pretty large and not the least bit dialup friendly.

We start with Asgard under attack, and Frigga being put in charge of evacuating the children...

Not everyone's down with this plan )


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