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Has it been already a week since last time? Anyway, here's some more Heroes! comic strips for you all!
My very first attempt to Heroes-ify Booster Gold. Yeah, it was that bland...

Today I offer you not two, but three more episodes of Archers! and one Superbuddies! - which features my favorite beloved but sadly underrated couple of the whole DCU. And yes, they're both alive in here :P

Ollie will one day get his revenge, Sparta Meme, Sue's pregnant again and Teen Titans cameo after the jump! )
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So, the reboot is looking pretty bad for the Arrow kids. There's no indication we'll have Mia anytime soon, Connor apparently "ages Ollie up" too much- nevermind that Bruce totally had time for four Robins and a ten-year-old kid and that Connor was born well before Ollie became Green Arrow- and, of course, Lian, who should also have been born before her father's current identity change, also apparently ages Roy up too much. Suffice to say, current plans don't hold much hope for these three.

Of course, plans can be changed.

TL;DR? Let's all spam DC. )
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In 2001, Kevin Smith brought Green Arrow/Ollie Queen back from the dead in Quiver. At the same time, he gave us the wonderful and crass Mia Dearden. Mia became Speedy under Judd Winick's pen, right after she found out she was HIV positive.

Mia is also the sole HIV positive character in comics who has not died due to the disease. The other two were Jet and Jim Wilson. Both died.

Some top trade paperbacks to check out with Mia featured in them include:
Green Arrow: Quiver (essential as this is her intro and features her origin/backstory)
Green Arrow: Sounds of Violence
Green Arrow: The Archer's Quest
Green Arrow: Straight Shooter
Green Arrow: City Walls (somewhat essential as she kills a man)
Green Arrow: Moving Targets (essential as this is the trade paperback that features Mia finding out that she's HIV positive)
Green Arrow: Heading into the Light
Green Arrow: Road to Jericho
Green Arrow & Black Canary: The Wedding Album

She also appears in the Green Arrow/Black Canary title, but uh, yeah. She's good in it! but the other characters not so much... :)

Mia and Lian storytime )
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Soooo it looks like we fumbled a little on Day 3, however, there is a *main* post here for Day 3 for those of you who don't have/want to post scans or just want to make a few comments about your favourite/least favourite *insert specific meme day here.*
So just to make it clearer for everyone, we'll add a "main" post to the Topic Headline so you know where to go, and/or you can look for my user name, [personal profile] shelleymaree or one of the mods. We'll try and post in the morning and/or after midnight Eastern Standard Time. But if you get in there before us, even more awesome! Glad to see some eager beavers.

Today is Character You would bring back from the dead day. Mine's under the cut. So S_D'ers, who's yours?

Poor Roy )
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Here is the Preview at The Source

Poor Roy. )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/arsenal/roy harper, char: lian harper, creator: geraldo borges, creator: j.t. krul, publisher: dc comics
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So here is the conclusion of Donna's and Roy's romance in the Titans. It's about 20 pages from Issue 9-25 not all of the issues but about 7 of them.

It goes down hill from here )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: lian harper, creator: devin grayson, creator: mark buckingham, creator: paul pelletier, creator: ale garza, publisher: dc comics, title: titans
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Because I actually love these two and kind of don't like what they are doing with them. So here is some Roy and Donna stuff from The Titans. About 14-ish pages all together from 4 issues.

Drama, Flirting, Some Lian, and Dating )

Suggested Tags: char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: wonder girl/troia/donna troy, char: lian harper, char: green lantern/kyle rayner, creator: devin grayson, creator: mark buckingham
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OK, both in the requests thread and the Rise of Arsenal postings I'm seeing calls for Lian Harper Memorial Posts. So here's one of my favorites from Superboy #82 (2001), "Power Lunch," in which Roy and Lian meet their newfound cloned uncle Jim Harper, a.k.a. Guardian, for coffee and conversation.

As usual, Lian steals the scene. )

5 pages plus preview panel of a 22 page story. I remember seeing this on s_d before, but a quick tiptoe through the tags makes me believe it's gone gone gone.

ETA: A request for those who've been following Guardian in the "World Without Superman" plotline. It's mentioned in Adventure Comics 8 that spoiler ) Can anyone point me in the direction of the issue/s where this occurred?

Tag suggestions - char: guardian/jim harper, char: lian harper, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, char: superboy/kon-el/conner kent, creator: jay faerber, creator: sunny lee (new tag), publisher: dc comics, title: superboy
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I looked through the Lian and Justice League of America tags, and I didn't find this page. This is Roy introducing Lian to his new girlfriend, Hawkgirl. (It comes right after that panel in the Lian megapost the other day, of Cheshire hugging Lian in the prison cell.)

On Duty: Red Arrow. )

As for the fanart, [personal profile] sharpest_asp is doing a Lian Deserves Better ficathon through March. I got nothin' for fic, but the idea for this sketch popped into my head, and after ruminating on the details for a couple days, I did this quickie version. Really quickie - it's the work of about an hour, and the scanner cut it off a bit at the top and bottom, so don't expect Michaelangelo.

Y'all may hate me for this one. )

How 'bout it, guys. Forgiven DC yet?

Tag wrangling - char: hawkgirl/kendra saunders, char: lian harper, char: speedy/red arrow/roy harper, creator: brad meltzer, creator: ed benes, genre:fanart, group: justice league of america, publisher: dc comics, title: justice league of america

Titans #19

Mar. 7th, 2010 08:07 pm
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I don't believe any of this beyond the cover was ever posted here. In light of current events I thought it might be wise to post.

4 scans under the cut )


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