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So, some of you may remember that in the distant past I was posting the first arc of Sailor Moon. You can see the first 13 chapters aaaaallll lined up in this tag!

Well, the reason I sort of stopped is that something extraordinary happened, and you've all probably heard about it by now- the Sailor Moon manga was announced to be released for reprint in September, as is Sailor V. The whole reason I was posting Sailor Moon pages here was that the manga was wonderful and so different even from the anime, but it had been long out of print, and the stuff that had come out in the US was badly translated, flopped and with outdated art to boot. So I wanted to expose people to the scanlation stuff available. But now, an excellent reprint with the updated art in it's original form and what is sure to be a proper translation at last are coming out! I encourage everyone who is a Sailor Moon fan to buy it and support Sailor Moon and this finally happening. You can preorder it on Amazon here as well as other sites. This should be way better than scanlations!

So, with this news and my sort of drifting away from s_d, I had no real motivation to post the rest of the manga-in fact, I don't want to spoil people for the reprints- but I felt I should at least post Chapter 14 to finish the arc and get the news out.. But various things came up (and I had a hard time picking out which pages to use and then I was figuring it had been so long I would look stupid posting about the rerelease, and next thing you know, months later.

But I was linking a friend my post on Mars's first appearance and was reminded of this, and figured I may as well post this- better late than never. At long last, the epic finale to the first arc of Sailor Moon, here to motivate you to pick up the reprints if you can and want to!

Act 14- An Ending and Then a Beginning )

I hope you guys have enjoyed my posts and maybe they've reminded or shown some of you how fun Sailor Moon is, despite the massive delay on the last one, and, I am just so happy the reprint is coming out! so this manga can be available to everyone again! I even wrote an essay in anticipation analyzing and explaining the manga at the time of the announcement that garnered a lot of attention for some reason. The manga just gets better from here, so if were interested in what you saw and can do so, pick up the reprint manga when it comes out! Also, pick up the rerelease of Codename wa Sailor V, the fabulous prequel manga to Sailor Moon that was responsible for launching the whole franchise. I've posted a bit of the first chapter here and did an overlong post describing/analyzing/gushing about the series here. For more rambling/screencaps/doujinshi of Sailor Moon, there's always my tumblr. (Sorry for the shameless self promotion, just trying to get more info about the manga and stuff out!)

I guess this post is sort of a goodbye to s_d since I don't really hang out here anymore for various reasons (I've quit DC with the reboot because of Babs, Cass and Steph anyway), though maybe I will still look in or even comment once in a blue moon. So thanks for everything! This community was the main reason I got into comics fandom, it taught me a lot, and there's a lot of great memories and people that were met here (I'm keeping in touch with most of you tho).

So yay comics! Yay Sailor Moon! Yay scans_daily!
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The penultimate chapter of the first arc. Actually no it's not. It's...the penultimate and a half chapter? The first arc has one more chapter and then there's the chapter after that, which is half the conclusion to this arc and half the beginnining of the R arc. Or something.

Anyway, most of the awesome and weird and bad shit goes down in this chapter, plus we have color pages and all kinds of nifty extras, so you'd best read it.

Lots of stabbing in this chapter. And choking. And badassery. )
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In this installment, the Senshi visit the moon to answer lingering questions about their mysterious past. One small step for Usagi, one giant leap for Sailorkind?! )

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It's been a while, but I think I'll get back to posting the Sailor Moon Manga. When we last left our miniskirted heroes, Sailor Venus has finally joined the team, and Usagi and Mamoru has entered their relationship just in time for him to perform a heroic sacrifice and got zapped by Kunzite. LIFE SUCKS.

Time for Princess Serenity! And backstory! )

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Time for Minako to make the scene! I have to warn you guys, Minako is a badass 100% of the time in the manga. I mean, I love her in the anime too (okay, let's make this clear: I love EVERY CHARACTER in ALL continuities. Even Chibiusa), but in the manga she is simply too awesome to handle. This will be abundantly clear in a couple of chapters, but for now, let's be content with her sparkling introduction.

Sailor Venus! Kisses! TRAGEDY. )
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Mako-chan! Hers is my favorite transformation (well, if you coun't Venus's as all 15 chapters of Sailor V, then  I guess she'd be the best BUT) Mako is just the best. She can unabashedly kick your ass in and out of Sailor form and still cook a mean meal, she's independent but nurturing and super protective of her friends. And Sailor Moon's deconstruction of gender roles really comes out in her character, as she embodies the masculine/feminine dichotomy and shows that really- there is no dichotomy. A girl can be both. We're just people.

And her transformation is just very cool, so bear with me as I do feminist analysis!

Senshi of Thunder and Courage! )
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In this chapter, Usagi goes undercover at a ball with Mars and Mercury, and her FORBIDDEN ROMMMANCE with Tuxedo Kamen moves forward a little. Incredibly similar to the episode in the anime and not completely important, but I had the scans on my computer anyway, so I thought why not?

In which Mamoru is a tiny bit of a creeper )

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Time for Rei's first transformation! The most notable thing about it (other than it's Rei and she's being a badass) is the clearly massive crush Usagi has on her.

I know, Usagi. A great deal of the fanbase has probably had similar feelings.

Senshi of Fire and Passion! )
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It's Ami's turn to transform! Actually, this story is pretty similar to her episode to the anime, but it's still fun and cute (not to mention pretty), so why not?

Senshi of Water and Intelligence! )

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Sailor Moon! Only got into it recently (disregarding how one of my friends always made me play Sailor Mercury in sixth grade) but my inner child totally adores it. Teen girl superheroes and the power of friendship! So, I've been posting some of the manga on tumblr. I figured, why not here too? If anyone likes it, I'll keep posting. I have the full Sailor V Manga too, though I now have better pages than the ones I posted on tumblr, so I'll hold off on that.

The first arc of Sailor Moon has some differences from the anime (mainly, no filler) but they are fairly similar. However, the next 4 arcs are majorly different from the anime. Unfortunately, only most of the first arc has been scanlated properly (Sailor Moon was one of the earliest manga translations- as a result, it is pretty terrible, flipped around with the dubbed names and some really awful flubs- such as when the translators didn't recognize that a character was quoting a poem by William Blake. Sad.) 

So! I figure I'll start at the beginning, anyway, Here's some pages from the first chapter.

Chapter 1 )


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