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Okay. I seriously love these two. Maybe because their unconditional love is incredibly sweet, and it's nice to have a comics relationship that isn't "angst angst omg" all the time. Or maybe because they're just so dang adorable.

Probably the second one )
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So, it's been nearly a year since I made my first comic post here, The Superman/Madman Hullabaloo! At that time, I mentioned that I'd devote a post to the Mutant Street Beatniks and just who they even are.
Well, like I said, it's been nearly a year, plus I've had folks asking me to post more Madman, so why not take care of both at the same time?

So, here we go, let's find out together what makes the Mutant Street Beatniks so mutant?
Scans from Madman Adventures #1, Madman Comics #'s 1 & 2 )
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A while back, [personal profile] stubbleupdate requested some Joelle Jones. Because I'm a lazy sod, I'm only now posting this story, the opening act from Madman Atomic Comics #16, "Last Night the Atomics Saved My Life!" by Jones and Jamie S. Rich.

About four out of twelve pages. )
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Today being X-mas, I've got a couple special post for you guys! So sit back, eat your Chinese food (or am I the only on who has that x-mas tradition?) and enjoy the holidays (emphasis on the plural!) with Madman and friends!

Scans from Madman Comics #16, plus a bonus X-mas comic I made last year! )

Tomorrow: What, you thought we were done? Next time we go back to DC, where Black Lightning tells us a bit about another holiday happening during the season!
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Madman Atomic Comics holds a special place in my heart. It's just about the only title I follow that I can't blame [ profile] scans_daily for, after all, so, #17, it's final issue, marks a pretty sad date for me. To make matters worse, Wednesday Comics ended this week, too, meaning I won't get my Allred fix again until whenever I, Zombie comes around (no date given yet, which makes it January at the earliest. they're building a backlog right now, which is perfectly understandable given the delays MAC's gone through; three months between the last two issues!)

Anyway, I figured I'd share the story from the last two issues.

(don't worry mods, this splash's from the June issue)

char: madman/frank einstein, creator: mike allred, group: the atomics, publisher: image comics, title: madman atomic comics
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Image Comics has finally updated their online schedule with next week's releases.
There's only one thing I was looking for, and to my great pleasure, I've got something to look forward to this Wednesday.

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So I'm still trying to figure out our rules on anthologies. As an example, the story I want to post is eight pages, from Image's Popgun vol. 1. It was also printed in Creatures Of The Id, which clocked in at 30 pages. Due to its short story nature, would I still have to cut it down to 1/3, or could I post all eight?

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I've said in comments before that Madman Atomic Comics (Image) is the only ongoing series on my pull-list. Mike Allred's an amazing artist, but as a storyteller he has unprecedented Silver Age sensibilities (read: crack). It's a really fun time and I'd definitely recommend everyone check it out, along with the earlier series, Madman Comics (Dark Horse) and The Atomics (AAA Pop!), both of which are available in trade.
Anyway, recently (like, earlier tonight) I finally added a second title to my pull list: Superman/Batman. I am never looking back. To celebrate, I give you the time both worlds met, 1997's three issue Superman/Madman Hullabaloo, written and drawn by Mike Allred, with colors by the lovely Laura Allred.

Image Hosted by

NOTE TO MODS: Comparing the .cbr I have to my hardcopy of the issue, due to some inexplicably missing pages and a couple backup previews, it turns out the book's 32 pages, so I posted 10 pages under the cut )
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Do covers count in the page limit? I've got a comic I want to post that's 24 pages plus the cover, so if I wanted to post the cover along with it, would that mean I can post 8 pages plus the cover, or 8 pages including the cover?

If I get answers, you get this comic:


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