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I'm one of those European comic fans who only relatively recently started to get into the American comic world, mostly thanks to s_d.
I've been discussing comics with some of my online friends, and I've scanlated for them bits and pieces from a few European comics. I always planned to some day post that stuff in scans_daily, too. So here you go :)

11 pages + cover there, while the full comic is about 60 pages.

I've got scanlations of some other European stuff (Gaston Lagaffe, Lena Furberg comics, Cocco Bill, Benoit Sokal's Canardo) and I've been thinking of posting them some day too.
(Oh and the old s_d had a "bande dessinée" tag. Now there seems to be "medium: manga" and "genre: manga" in the tags, but no tag for BD. If a BD tag is added, should it be called genre or medium?)
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Fantasio freaks out

Since nezchan has been posting great selections from some of the newer Spirou stories in French, I thought people might like to see one of the real classics in English translation.

Z is for Zorglub ("Z comme Zorglub", 1959-60, 61pp) is one of the most popular stories by André Franquin, a man who is to Spirou what Carl Barks is to Donald Duck, or Stan Lee to the Marvel universe.


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