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My week has been absolute crap and today was set to be even worse (I teach fourth grade...they love April Fools) when I opened my inbox to see my commission from the Black Cat! After my last commission was posted here before I saw it I made extra sure I could share my glee directly with you myself. Because I have so little joy in my life (see above re: fourth graders)

Here goes!The bestest thing I have ever owned after the cut... )

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 This turkey ain't jivin' with us. )

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char: flamebird/thara ak-var
char: nightwing/lor-zod/chris kent
creator: greg rucka
creator: eric trautmann
publisher: dc comics
title: action comics
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On this forum I can think of only one or two word combos which guarantee;

A) An instant desire, nay, IMPERATIVE to click on a link and

B) A delightful way to pass a couple of minutes on a Saturday

And in this case, the word-combo is not "Tied-up Dick Grayson", but far, far better than that (And consider who it is saying that!)


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