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Three pages from GL #54 under the cut.

Visions and stars, oh my! )

Suggested tags: title: green lantern, creator: geoff johns, creator: doug mahnke, char: ion/sodam yat, char: parallax, char: predator, char: sinestro, char: star sapphire/carol ferris, char: green lantern/hal jordan, publisher: dc comics, event: brightest day

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tags char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, char: predator, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: mr. freeze/victor fries, char: catwoman/selina kyle, creator: chuck dixon, publisher: dc comics, publisher: dark horse comics

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As I was looking over some of the one perfect moment, I was reminded of Batman Vs. Predator, which to me is one of the greatest crossover stories ever published and an insanely awesome bout between the two characters mentioned in the title. It also contained three perfect moments for three central charaters in the Batverse as well as two beautiful large images, which contrast each other in several ways.


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