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Following the first of these stories, I thought I'd go straight to the "Son of the Joker" story, but a bit of research and ferreting through back issues led me to realise that there were more of these stories than I'd thought, and in the spirit of getting things in the right order, this is from Batman 135

Oh, the endless toil of banquets and honours... )
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A few weeks ago, "Batman: The Brave and the Bold" featured the story "The Knights of Tomorrow", which details an imaginary story written by Alfred which postulates what happens when Dick takes over as Batman, and Bruce and Selina Kyle-Wayne's son Damian becomes the new Robin...

It is in fact an amalgam of the current Batman story, and one from a loooooong time before, April 1960 to be precise, Batman 131, which is the first of two stories I know which feature the concept. I'll post the second one soon, and if there are others I'll try and find them.

The story is also notable for yet another "Context is for the weak" panels reflective of a more innocent time and before the meaning-shift of a few words...

He ain't Damian that's for sure... )


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