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Continuing from my last post, here are some scans from the second half of JLA: Trial by Fire by Joe Kelly and Doug Mahnke.

Recap: A powerful telepath has been manipulating people across the world to forcibly put an end to its problems, lobotomizing criminals and making world leaders peacefully resolve all their disputes. With the Martian Manhunter in an oddly weakened state, the Justice League is left defenceless from assault. Ultimately it becomes clear that their formidable opponent is a Martian, and in fact, none other than J'onn J'onnz himself, now turned into a monstrous being calling himself Fernus.
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To conclude my focus on the Martian Manhunter, I present to you arguably the most pivotal J'onn-centric story in recent times: Trial by Fire. This ran from JLA #84-89 and concluded Joe Kelly's run on the title. This is collected in trades and is one of my all-time recommendations for best JLA stories.

Ever wonder why the most powerful member of the League could be defeated by something as common as fire?
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