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About a month ago, I really wanted to post a scene from Uncanny Avengers where Thor and Wasp had to face Sentry ressurected as a horseman of death. Sadly, four pages have already been posted and the scene was way too long, so I scrapped it. However, after I was reminded of Fallen Son, I decided to post the last two pages of it anyway to feel better.
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This might be me worrying over nothing. My hangup over Spider-Man becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is this...
MCU heroes are not hesitant about killing the bad guys. Will this carry over to MCU Spider-Man?
Trigger warning for superhero morality.

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The Sentry is an extremely powerful superhero who was created in 2000, but paradoxically has always been a part of the Marvel Universe, it's a massive retcon that involves wiped memories, but in his original miniseries and one shot tie it's revealed that a picture of him earned Peter Parker a pulitzer, he helped the Hulk control his rages and and got the public to love Hulk, and he was Reed Richard's best friend outside of the Fantastic Four.

There were some neat ideas in it, exploring what the Marvel Universe would be like in different eras with a Superman type character, and if it was a What If or it had been limited to that one Marvel Knight's event, I would 't give it a second thought.

But in 2005 Brian Micheal Bendis reintroduced the character in 4 issue arc of The New Avengers, and while I think the arc was pretty well written and had some sweet touching moments I think the Sentry's canon existance is a bad idea in general.

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In the most recent requests post, shadowspykie asked for some kick ass Emma Frost scans. One thing popped into my head.

It's from New Avengers #9. The Void is attacking America. Reed Richards has the machine that they used to banish The Void before and is aided by Emma Frost to help get Robert Reynolds under control.

Reed, Emma and the Sentry convince Robert of the threat that the Void poses and that Robert can help to stop it.

Emma asks that Robert relaxes and allows her into his mind and this is what it looks like )
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Seeing the makeshift Superman outfit from the new Action Comics #1 bugged me for a while. I couldn't really place it for ages, though I knew that I'd seen something similar elsewhere.

The other day, the thought came to me: The Sentry. Not the yellow and blue costumed version, or the Golden Age version, or the Fabio that appeared in New Avengers, but the one from Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee's original miniseries (avoid the second mini).

Of course, if you already know The Sentry's story, that takes a lot away from the reading experience.

The Sentry is the story of a hero that the world forgot about, coming back into existence. Many people think that he's mentally ill, until they too remember him.

Even though his story ended up very convoluted, and he was unusable in New Avengers (though I'm going to post his scenes with Emma Frost later on this week) and he was the big baddie in Siege and his memorial issue was awful, we'll always have this neat scene here.

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For [personal profile] blackruzsa, who requested any of a series of moments mentioned in an article entitled "The Balut in a Superhero's Underpants".

It says that "[i]f the Americans have their Easter Eggs, we Filipinos have our Balut Eggs. (Okay, I just made up that term, but it seems appropriate anyway.) Balut Eggs are those moments when Filipinos (or something Pinoy) suddenly pops up in foreign movies, TV shows, novels, and comic books."

It goes on to list several of those moments that appear in American comic books. I was intrigued by one of them - in Marvel Comics’ “Agents of Atlas,” Mt. Pinatubo erupts again and Sentry flies in just in time to rescue a damaged Phivolcs helicopter - so I went to do a little digging and to my surprise, I found I had it.

Three and approximately 3/4ths scans from Dark Reign Agents of Atlas #1. Also FYI: there's comic-book nudity in one of the scans )

What If 200

Jan. 7th, 2011 11:25 pm
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I picked this up because it had a Sentry story and Dale Eaglesham drawing 60s Fantastic Four (which I may post later.

The main story is What if Norman Osborn won the Siege of Asgard? or, more accurately What if the Sentry killed everybody? )
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Siege #4 came out this week and was Sentry heavy. I've done some of my thoughts on NSD about the end of Dark Reign and we've already seen the main fallout from Siege: Fallen. I'm going to go through the archives and do a bit on the previous times that Olivier Coipel has turned his pen to the Golden Guardian of Good, with Brian Michael Bendis doing the writing.

We start off with House of M, which was probably Marvel's prettiest event book since the cycle started with Disassembled.
House of M#2 )

New Avengers Annual )
I liked the way that they made it clear that only one person can cope with being the Sentry and even he can barely manage it.

char: sentry/bob reynolds, creator: olivier coipel, creator: brian michael bendis, title: house of M, char: dr. Strange/stephen strange, group: new avengers, title: new avengers, publisher: marvel comics, char: black widow/yelena belova,
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Four scans from Avengers: The Initiative #34.  I usually wait until someone else posts before posting again, but it's been a while.


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char: diamondback/rachel leighton, char: captain america/bucky barnes, char: taskmaster, char: sentry/bob reynolds, char: green goblin/norman osborn, char: constrictor/frank payne, title: avengers the initiative, publisher: marvel comics, creator: christos gage, creator: jorge molina
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title: age of the sentry, char: sentry/bob reynolds, creator: jeff parker, creator: nick dragotta, char: dr. strange/stephen strange,char: lindy reynolds


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