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Even as a giant sized fight issue, it was really hard to trim this down to an acceptable pic count. Every blow between father and son must be seen.

But rules are rules. (Luckily, this was a giant story that had been set up for years.)

This story puts a lot of emphasis on Bruce Banner's relationship with his abusive father.

(Note, this was a 26 page story. As such, after a little updating, I have uploaded 8 pages.)

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Since we had a request for superheroes doing casual things, and I've been catching up on the Hulk lately, and this arc still fills me with inordinate glee, here are some scans of adorable father-son activities!

For a given value of adorable when the father is one of the most screwed up people in the Marvel universe, and the son is a 10 foot tall barbarian with a giant sword. Awww!

From Incredible Hulk 601-605... )
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(I must confess, these are not my scans, but I found them on another board) Skaar #9


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