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Note to self, Batman, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's new Justice League of America #1 was just . . . not very good.

Here's a good intro to the JLA: from JLA Secret Files & Origins #1, Star Seed!
7 pages out of a 21 page story )
This wasn't actually the first appearance of this iteration of the Justice League, it had shown up first a year before in Justice League: A Midsummer's Nightmare as well as the JLA monthly title by Morrison and Porter. But this was an excellent jumping on point for readers. It introduces the whole league, pits them against a world- and even universe-spanning threat, dire straits, epic stakes, break-neck pace . . . everyone (except Aquaman, sorry) has at least something to do, even if it's only contributing an idea (yeah, okay, Batman steals the show, but hey, it's Batman! I'm totally fine with that.) And all in 21 pages! No decompression! The whole league pretty much working together, plus special guest star the Spectre!

Note to self, Geoff Johns, that's how you do a good team book introduction.

Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; no, I'm not gonna let that little grammar slip-up go, not without a fight.
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So as some might know their was some big news concerning Sinestro so I thought this'd be an interesting time to post an origin story of his written in 1999 (funnily enough at a time he was dead) in Secret Origins of the Supervillains.

Oddly enough I only really got it for the Encantadora tale but eh.

3 and 1/3 pages of a 10 page story.

Who was Sinestro? )

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A little under seven pages from The Spectre #0...

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creator: john ostrander, creator: tom mandrake, publisher: dc comics, title: the spectre, char: spectre
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As of today, the Blackest Night revival of Phantom Stranger is now a month old, and therefore no longer a recent comic. I figured this is the perfect occasion for sharing the as-yet unposted tie-in.

Eight out of twenty-before pages. )
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Three weeks ago (with my "JLA teams up with Two-Face... wait what?!" post), [personal profile] lamashtar asked if I was going to post this particular issue, or if it was "too schmaltzy." To be honest, I wasn't sure (of either)!

Who here has read the Hal Jordan SPECTRE series (which ran 27 issues from 2001 to 2003)? I'm genuinely curious as to what anybody made of it. Personally, it was one of the more frustrating reading experiences I've ever had.

Issue #5--the topic of this week's post--is no exception, namely because it features the unlikely meeting of my two all-time favorite characters. And the results are... well... I'm still not really sure even now.

Crazy murderous ex-heroes, the question of redemption, alien ghost cop spirit guides, and metaphysical theological jibba-jabba behind the cut! )

All that said, between this and their meeting in that JLA story, I'm in agreement with [personal profile] alias_grace when she expressed a wish for a proper Hal/Harvey teamup. Because, she said, "Hal is so very pragmatic, and has no patience for the crazy, and Harvey would take a deep and abiding delight in fucking with his head."

Seriously, I would pay good money to see J. Michael Straczynski write this as an issue of THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD, considering how he wrote Two-Face in the TEEN TITANS story and Hal in the most recent issue of TB&TB (with Dr. Fate).

Is anyone else reading TB&TB? I've really been liking it, and the GL/Dr. Fate issue was simply wonderful. I'm kind of surprised that no one seems to be talking about it.
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(Fewer scans equals less worktime, ahahaha.)

In our last chapter, we had a rescue mission and a history lesson. This time, we get a chapter so brief that it's practically a footnote, a metaphysical entity gone batshit insane, and the first casualties of the upcoming Infinite Crisis. Seven scans from JSA #74-80.


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