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Reposted because it appears the original post was deleted, and I really wanted to show this to somebody. And this is a story no incarnation of S_D should be without!

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you are now in the power of Stardust )
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Seems like we got a lot of Stardust comics being posted recently. Here is one I drew a few months ago.

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Since the rediscovery of Fletcher Hanks' work, there have been a couple of modern takes on his most famous creation, Stardust the Super-Wizard. Alan Moore didn't hold anything back when Stardust cameo'd in League of Extraordinary Gentleman. A different take on Stardust can be found in Fantastic Comics #24, part of the Next Issue Project put out by Image Comics, with art by Mike Allred. "A Stardust comic illustrated by the guy who did Madman? Awesome!" you may be thinking. Um. Well...

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We should have been grateful. We weren't. )
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Bizarrely, both League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Astro City, books known for their history of lateness and erratic scheduling, managed to come out this week. If the last issue of Planetary had come out too, I think the universe would have sunk into some abyss of improbability.

Two pages from the latest League volume, Century, follow.


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