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'I've enjoyed steampunk — everything except the name. . . . "Steampunk," which I think started as a joke take on cyberpunk and then caught on, is not that. These are gentleman and gentlewoman adventurers in the tradition of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. There's nothing "punk"-ish about it. Unfortunately, after we settled on the title Legenderry: Steampunk Adventure I came up with "Steampulp," which would have been more perfect title, since it encapsulates what we were trying to do.' -- Bill Willingham

Red Sonja, the Phantom, Captain Victory, and the Six Million Dollar Man )
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One page from The Last Phantom #7. I hope it continues. 

I've been wondering since the third issue.... where is she? 

I am too tired to show how happy I am to have finally gotten my hands on this issue.  )
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One of them comic things in my childhood.  )

When I saw this, I felt.... unsure:  

But I waited it out. Then I got a set, because I honestly couldn't wait any longer for the TPB. And.... well, it's been pretty awesome. 

I honestly had no idea he was the first tight-suited, domino-masked hero to exist in comics.  )
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The Last Phantom is Alex Ross and Scott Beatty's modern spin on Lee Falk's classic strip character. Here's four pages from issue #1.

Guardian of the Eastern Dark, the Man Who Cannot Die, the Ghost Who Walks! )
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"He has the strength of ten tigers.
You never find him, he finds you.
He has a thousand eyes and a thousand ears.
His voice turns blood into ice.
He who sees the his face, dies a horrible death.

He is the Ghost who Walks. The Phantom. The Man Who Cannot Die."

He also sometimes team up with America's Coolest Founding Father. Like in this story.

Benjamin Franklin: CSI! And Electric Death Sticks! )


Mar. 13th, 2009 11:22 pm
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Hello. I'm a long time follower of scans_daily and I followed it to here.

Here are some old Phantom strips that I nabbed right before it became silly and they changed either the artist or letterer, I'm unclear which. My apolgies to the artist ahead of time.

Read more... )

Read more... )

And then some For Better or For Worse before it got hijacked into silliness and rebooted.

Read more... )

Also - I would recommend today's Sluggy strip. It's a good contrast of white/black/red that was done in other movies and it works very well in comics.


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