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Jeff Smith's BONE is, of course, an all-ages comic, but that doesn't mean there's not room for a few subtle hints of more adult feelings and sensibilities -- and I'm not just talking about the two Stupid, Stupid Rat Creatures bickering like an old married couple either.

In fact, over the course of the series, there have been two instances of skinny dipping, and the awkwardness of walking in on naked people.... though they were handled in very different ways.

Three pages behind the cut -- don't worry, they're SFW )
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I noticed that there are almost no posts here for Jeff Smith's brilliant BONE. There were a few on the old scans_daily, but on the new one, there's only been one post so far ( Here it is). Well, we can't leave it at just that, because BONE is seriously one of the best comics ever. and deserves lots and lots and lots of exposure.

For those of you who don't already know, BONE is/was an independent comic, first published as a black-and-white bi-monthly comic, later on collected in several trades -- both black-and-white and colorized. Despite the somewhat dirty-sounding name, it's an all-ages book... It's been described as "Bugs Bunny meets Lord of the Rings," though the influences of Carl Barks and Walt Kelly (especially Walt Kelly) are extremely noticeable as well.

I'm going to be posting scans from the original black-and-white comic. The color editions are absolutely gorgeous and well worth checking out as well, but the black-and-white was where it all began. So I've posted select pages from the first trade, Out From Boneville, which collects the first six issues and introduces most of the main characters.

Don't worry, mods, the post may seem large, but I stay well within the page limits for this.


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