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Welp, the series (potentially the animated part of the franchise) has come to an end, and there was much sadness. One of the many things that I liked about the Avatar fandom is the plethora of really talented people producing fanart, so I thought that I'd post some.

Spoilers, obviously.

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In the new season of Legend of Korra (which is VASTLY improved over the previous two, by the by), they're exploring the family of Toph Bei Fong, and as such, I thought that I'd post some stuff from the recent Rift mini-series from the interquel comics from between Airbender and Korra.

Spoilers for the Rift and Korra season three
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the continuing adventures of Avatar Aang and Team Avatar as they try to resolve the issues of the fire nation colony.

But I found the side-story to be so good I am posting it.

*mods, why doesn't Toph's tagline have "GREATEST EARTHBENDER IN THE WORLD"?
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Where does one START?

It's true to the series, and all the voices and feelings are there. Since Sozin's Comet, the characters have had some growth. Some forward, others....well, like Aang says, it gets complicated.

But of course you cannot have ATLA without moments of awesomeness.

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2 Out of 80 Pages: Spoilers

Due to the page limit apparently applying to graphic novels as well as individual issues, my review's been massively cut down. Here's the abridged version.
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6 months.

That's how long this book has been out. The collected lost misadventures in-between the seasons of the Aang gang.

*sigh* I'm disappointed in myself for not picking it up earlier. Now it will be REALLY hard to find for the holidays.

To keep the momentum going, some refreshing hijinks from our merry band of element benders. DarkHorse has the previews.

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