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In the films, Wedge Antilles is a character with the minor role of being the pilot who survives everything the films throw at him. He is awesome. Alas, other than the adaptations of the films, Marvel Star Wars doesn't use him until this comic. ...Which is a bit odd, and largely not canon now.

Wedge Antilles and Wes Janson, ladies and gents and others.

This is Marvel Star Wars 78: Hoth Stuff.

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Atrocious fashion week?  Well, I'd be remiss if I neglected this page from X-Wing: Rogue Squadron #28.

Assorted pages and panels of a Rebel pilot in ugly, ugly clothes. )

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Jan. 23rd, 2010 02:22 pm
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A few months back I posted part of a story where Wedge Antilles, the least-appreciated badass in Star Wars, flashes back to when pirates killed his parents.  But that wasn't when he decided to join the Rebel Alliance.  This is "Lucky", a story subtitled "The Curse of Wedge Antilles", which was printed in Star Wars Tales # 23.  It's only fifteen pages long, so I'm putting up five of them, which is fortunately enough to show the story.  I'm not all that sold on the art here, but I love Wedge, so!

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Requested tags: char: wedge antilles, title: star wars
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Sorry for more delay.  Now comes the conclusion.  I will take this last opportunity to say: Read the books!  They are awesome!  This is but a pale imitation!

Cel: "You sound as if you admired him, sir."
Wedge: "Admired him? Sure I did. He was a different sort of enemy."
"Different from the Yuuzhan Vong, you mean, sir?"
"Different from the Vong, the Emperor, any other Grand Admiral--from anyone," Wedge replied.
"What do you suppose Thrawn would make of the Yuuzhan Vong, sir?"
Wedge: "Ground Vong, probably--if he had a few examples of their art." - NJO: The Final Prophecy

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So that's done.  Does anyone have Dark Empire?  Takes place a year after this.  It's supposed to be not very good, but I've never seen it, and I want to see Darkside!Luke.  And if anyone wants to post from Union, if you don't do it I will.  Eventually.
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"I have no qualms about accepting a useful idea merely because it wasn't my own."

Here's the other half of Dark Force Rising. First part was here. You can probably tell that this time I have the book in hand.

When I uploaded these, I forgot to shrink them, and I am not going to delete them and reupload smaller versions. So the contents of this post are on my Livejournal.

Well? What is your choice?
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Five years after Endor and the death of the Emperor, the Empire was in bad shape. There had been successors who had ruled the Empire, or tried to. Pestage, the Tribune, Ysanne Isard. Under them it splintered, warlords like Teradoc and Zsinj splitting off on their own to fight them and the New Republic. The Empire just kept losing people and worlds, rarely if ever winning any important battles. And then the last of the Grand Admirals came back from the Unknown Regions. Alien. Analytical. Awesome.

"I am Grand Admiral Thrawn. I have been away, but now I have returned. I know some of what has occurred. You will fill in the details of the rest when I come aboard. Rejoice, Captain, for the Empire will rise again." - A Grand Admiral Returns

Next up is Dark Force Rising.

Why is the tag "Heir of the Empire"? And why have a tag for it at all? Only two posts will ever use it.
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"It was just after four o'clock on November 6, 1989, and I was three days into writing my first novel for my new publisher, Bantam Books, when the phone rang. It was my agent. "Tim," he said after the usual pleasantries, "we have a very interesting offer here."" - Zahn

This is the honorary Episodes Seven, Eight, and Nine. This is what kickstarted the Star Wars Expanded Universe as we know it. Marvel Star Wars was there first, true, and so were Han Solo's and Lando Calrissian's short trilogies, and Splinter in the Mind's Eye, and assorted minor comics and kidlit. They didn't usually stray far from the movies, though, and they weren't epic. Not like this. Well, actually, this is just the comic book adaptation of that trilogy. And it's not as good, but I can't find too much fault with that. I love the Thrawn Trilogy, Zahn's writing, and his characters. I really do.

The art for Heir to the Empire really isn't all that good. Stick around, though. Other books get better. I think two posts per book, meaning three issues per post, should do. There are twenty eight pages in the first issue, twenty six in the second, and twenty four in the third.
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I really like Wedge Antilles. This is a bit from "The Phantom Affair", an arc of the X-Wing Series comics known for really good art, which has a flashback to when his parents were killed.

Sorry, I'd write something witty and catchy, but nothing's coming to mind.

So yeah, that's a bit from "The Phantom Affair" that I posted on old s_d. Thinking about more x-wing posts. This series has its ups and downs, but I like it.
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Not anything from the main plot of the issue, or even Fel's entrance into Rogue Squadron. I love that main plot, but this has very little to do with it. The first three pages, posted here, are the funeral service. Here's the cover art; click here for full.

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Have a nice Memorial Day.


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