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Remember back when it was originally announced that a Buffy reboot was green-lit without any involvement from franchise creator, Joss Whedon? Then do you remember the part about hell breaking loose, not just from fans but even Buffy cast themselves?

Well peeps, I think our wishes have all been answered.

Happy Holiday Cheer!!! )

For legality, how about some Buffy/Satsu? NSFW. )
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I guess the powers that be in our own universe have sense us becoming a little unnerved, and have offered a gift. DarkHorse comics has the preview for Willow one-shot, as we learn what happened to Willow that gave her a power boost and allows her to commune with that snake-lady entity as she.... uhm.... "is in a state of rapture".

Trust me, SWF....

I guess this is the opposite of tentacle rape  )


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