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Part of my Poison Ivy kick this summer took me to John Layman's Detective Comics. She pops in and out of the Emperor Penguin story, but had more of an impact in the three part Gothtopia that ran in Detective #27-29.

Gothtopia starts with Ivy going on a rampage )
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Okay, now THIS is a series I've been looking forward to; Christy Marx, story editor and main writer on Jem, as well as writer of Sisterhood of Steel, taking on a long standing DC license which was criminally underexpoited at the time, and ever since.

Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld

NB - I feel I should mention that there is an attempted gang-rape of a character in the first issue. I don't feature scans of it, but it has shown up in the discussion thread already, so I'd rather mention it above the cut than have anyone who might find it triggering come across the discussion unawares.

Does it live up to expectation? )
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Not BatFamily related (sorry fellow Steph and Cass fans) solicit news! Also, I can't believe I haven't seen anyone else post this. Anyway, my childhood self is extremely happy, because after twenty-five years, she's finally back!

She's back and written by the creator of Jem and the Holograms! )
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Wow! I didn't notice it had been announced before, but... Here's something nobody will probably care about
besides me and other fans of these characters or creator but..

"Weird Worlds" characters Garbage Man and Tanga are back in publication, "New 52" DCnU or not! This new title is called "My Greatest Adventure" which is actually a throwback to an old DC book were Doom Patrol stories ran in, many years back.

Read more... )


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